Sunday, August 11, 2013

In Wolf's Clothing

YO. Another old outfit, but not old enough for me to be sporting a different hair color again HAHAHAHA. The only reason I haven't been posting immediately is because I've been pacing my posts. We wouldn't want an influx of Ina's face five days a week, wouldn't we?

From Hong Kong dress, tights and shoes

I am sorry for all the 'from HK' outfit deets. I've been wanting to wear my new buys out ever since I got back from HK, so I've been jumping on any chance I get. Future outfit posts will have a lot of 'from HK' deets again, so apologies in advance. I'm gross. On the note of Hong Kong, I feel like this is such an HK outfit. Not because most of the items are from that country, but because I saw a lot of people on the streets wearing a long skirt-tights-these kind of shoes combo.

I've come to really enjoy blogging/vlogging now. I mean, not that I never enjoyed it from the beginning, but I have a lot more genuine fun with it now. Maybe it's because Maronne and I have decided to scrap out voiceovers in our OOTD vids LOL I honestly never liked doing voiceovers from the very beginning. Way too awkward. I already struggle with having to blog about my clothes, what more actually having to voice them. If anything, I'd much rather speak here than in video. Also because irl when I talk casually my voice is relatively low and you've probably noticed how I kindov sound bored in voiceovers HAHA

Regina's spike bracelets, Greenhills tiangge skull bracelet, Folded & Hung barbed wire bracelet, from HK black rings, from Palawan pearl ring, Apostrophe eyeball bracelet, Tickles skull bracelet, from HK watch

from Hong Kong + Forever 21 necklaces

Lately I find myself reaching for delicate and dainty necklaces now. And bracelets. There's just something about their simplicity that seems so elegant. I still obsess over obnoxious accessories, but some days I like to pretend I can be demure, too.

from HK clutch bag

Human hat

I love how this hat gives some added spunk. I mean, you'd think it was just a regular ol' bowler hat but then BAM IN YOUR FACE SPIKES LET ME STAB YOU

I don't know if you would call this hipster or not, but I could care less because I love it. No, I didn't get it because of EXO gigglesnort. I genuinely wanted this. And then I saw the sheer bottom and freaked out because wow all the pretty.

Have a great week ahead, everybody!

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