Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Mango (Gifted) lace top, from Hong Kong dress, Secondhand/gifted skirt, Apostrophe shoes

Hello! This was something I wore to my nephew's first birthday party. The theme of the party was Mickey Mouse (well the invite was Mickey-themed, at least), and while it wasn't a requirement to dress up to theme, I still did so anyway because it's fun dressing with a theme. Like I said, it challenges you to stick to the requirement while still keeping your own personal style in check.

From Palawan pearl rings, Thomas Sabo Charm Club (Gifted) bracelet

I wanted to keep things very ~*~feminine~*~ and ~*~ladylike~*~ so I reached for some pearls. Despite being quality pearls, these rings were actually really cheap!

Oh My God belt

There is a story behind this belt. Let me tell you it: I have been a follower of the Liger girls for a while now, but despite my previous trips to Hong Kong, I never managed to find their store. Then, on my last trip to HK, my mom and I accidentally stumbled upon it, but we were already on our way home. We then made it our mission to drop by said store that weekend, and while I was a little reluctant to even step inside (because, hi, expensiveness), my mom was insistent that we at least take a peek. We did, and I was smitten as expected. I freaked out at this belt because HELLO MY OBSESSION WITH ALL THINGS TRANSPARENT, and lo and behold, it was on sale. Its sale price still wasn't something I was comfortable with, but my mom was like, "GET IT YOU WANT IT RIGHT GET IT AND THEN YOU CAN SAY YOU HAVE SOMETHING FROM THIS STORE." My mom is magical. I won't disclose its price, but it's not something I would normally spend on for a belt. Thank you Mama.

Vintage earrings

From Hong Kong socks

Ah, pretty velvet shoes. You DO know of my obsession with velvet things, right? I love Apostrophe, but they can be a little expensive at times, so I usually only get stuff I really, really like from there. Not that I am even there frequently, but you know. (They currently have a pair of houndstooth flats that I am lusting over huhuhu I don't even know where my growing obsession with houndstooth sprouted from.)

Secretly I was going to wear my yellow Minnie shoes, but they finally gave in and broke. Rest in peace, Minnie shoes. You were one of my favorite and earliest thrift finds.

I'm not sure why, but I felt very girly in this outfit. Maybe it was the dress, maybe it was my curled hair, OR MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE I AM ACTUALLY A GIRL??? Shocking News 2013.

Here also is a video of this outfit. Thank you for reading/watching! :D

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