Thursday, July 25, 2013

May Favorites (Outfits)

Once upon a time, we filmed our first faves video (said video can be found here.) This is just a brief blog post on what we wore in that video, plus another set of outfits we prepared for photos to be used in the article we were featured in (which we talked about here.)

Zara top, H&M Kids Overalls, Lafayette beanie, Skechers sneaker wedges, K.Bell socks, KKXX for Stylenanda Bracelet

It's quite clear that I have an overall/suspender obsession. I used my first pair and documented it via an outfit compilation video. I've wanted them really badly for a long time, except they never seemed to be available anywhere in Manila except from in expensive high street stores. Finally, I obtained both my new overalls in Hong Kong during a pseudo shopping trip cum brief getaway with a friend. Even in Hong Kong I kinda went on a mad search until at the very last day a Eureka moment sort of happened and I decided to give the kids section in H&M a try-- lo and behold, I found this white one.

Red, white and black will always be a favorite color combination of mine. It can go from classy to spunky to goth and will always make a bold, but not obnoxious, statement. Initially I put the outfit together and nearly left home without the beanie, but decided to throw it on to give the whole look a neat little focal point and a punch of color. If you read what's written on the beanie, it reads "NY," which is usually known as an abbreviation for "New York," but the Y has the two slashes on it that indicate that it stands for Yen, the Japanese Currency. This beanie fuses two of my favorite places in the world: New York and Tokyo, and that, aside from the quality of the thread used, was what sold it for me.

PS, I got the beanie at Loading..., one of my favorite streetwear haunts in Hong Kong.

Stylenanda suspender pants, Topshop crop top, KKXX for Stylenanda bracelet, Nike shoes, Obey beanie

And here is a continuation of my overalls/suspenders obsession. Those black drop-crotch suspender pants are the most comfortable things EVER. In fact, this whole outfit felt like I was in pajamas. 

For some reason, I always enjoy the effect of lines intersecting over "holes" or openings with skin showing on outfits, like the way the suspenders go over my bare skin. There's something about creating intersecting lines and interesting shapes through a combination of hems, straps, cutouts, layering and the like that makes dressing up so exciting for me. Plus I'm just a fan of the aesthetic pleasantness of intertwined and intersecting lines in general.

Oh, and Stylenanda is a clothing website that I've recently been stalking to no end. All their clothes and their cosmetics speak to me. Haha!

Rebel Gear hat, borrowed from mom lace top, H&M dress, Cotton On  skirt, from HK socks and shoes

I call this my "drunken milkmaid" outfit. I didn't realize how pink it really was until I wore this outfit out with some friends and they all gushed at how pink I was. I'm pretty sure they were just subconsciously riding on the fact that my hair was pink and that was the first time they had seen the pink hair.

Thrifted (in HK) top, Thrifted dress, United Colors of Benetton (vintage) pants, from HK socks, People Are People shoes

Not many people know this but I have ALWAYS wanted an all-white outfit. I could've easily whipped something up, but I really wanted an all-white outfit with white pants, and all I had were skirts. For a while I was on the hunt for white pants in Hong Kong, and then my mom tells me she has a pair at home. When I got back, I found three. THREE. Bless the closet.

This also ended up being a very Wolf-looking outfit, but I swear on my life that EXO was far from my thoughts when this outfit happened. (However, I will admit that I really wanted a white beanie because of Sehun, and in the end it just topped off this entire outfit.) I wore this the day after we shot these, and said day turned out to be the weirdest date I've had with my friend Ana in the history of our friendship so far. It involved spices, a fashion designer, and jewelry with dogs. I'll let your imagination fly from there.

Check out the video for more outfit details!

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