Wednesday, July 31, 2013

June Favorites (Outfits)

'SUP GUYS. This is what Maronne and I wore in our June Faves vid because not documenting an outfit you like feels like a waste. What feels like more of a waste is when you have an outfit you like but don't wear it out (for the record, I had someplace to be after we filmed.) Also, I never really know how to talk about my outfits, so this is always gonna be awkward, isn't it?

Forever 21 top and romper, from Hong Kong stockings, b + a b x Hello Kitty sneakers

I feel so gross whenever I wear so much of a brand; I have nothing against people who do so, really, but when it's me I just feel so iffy. To be honest I wasn't intending to wear that cat top, but my current hair color has resigned me to wear dark garments on my upper body. I get scared when my hair color stains my clothes or anything else even if I know it can come off anyway.

Anyway. My obsession with polka dots has now manifested in the form of stockings, hurray! The lace trimming at the bottom of my romper is actually a pair of shorts that I wore underneath because the romper was too short for comfort. Speaking of rompers, I don't own a lot of them (in fact, this may or may not be my only one- loljk I prolly have maybe one or two more) but this was on sale so why not? On the topic of sales, my shoes were on sale too! I originally wanted to get its gray counterpart, but the sizes left were too big for me, so black it was. I LOVE the bows on the front; I think it gives a nice punch of print and it's totes Hello Kitty. I'm not obsessed with sneaker wedges like Maronne, but I'm okay with them. I understand their appeal. I mean, I like how they look like sneaks but give you added height. So sneaky. (Lame pun completely intended.) I wouldn't really go out of my way for them though, but these were on sale. And Hello Kitty. And my mom insisted, so okay then. If anything I like how these don't have the obvious wedge that some sneaker wedges have.

Accessories-wise (watch the video for deets hoho), I'm wearing bracelets from Cotton On, rings from HK and a hand-me-down TAG Heuer watch from my mom.

Hey all, Maronne typing now, and I have stuck to my usual street garb. I'm probably going to be seen in a graphic shirt, like, 89% of the time. Maybe I should do a whole video on styling graphic shirts! Digressing, I agree with Ina. Talking about outfits is pretty difficult and I often find myself feeling like I'm rambling on pointlessly. "I love these shorts..." "These pants are so comfy.." Yeah well of course they are! That's why I'm wearing them and bothering to photograph them! Haha. I personally feel that with outfits, they kind of speak for themselves and seeing them is a style suggestion enough. But meh, even a little back story every now and then wouldn't hurt, eh? I just don't like feeling like I'm just throwing around words needlessly. 

Platinum Mall (Bangkok) shirt, Topshop jeans, Primadonna Wedges, Topshop beanie

I've always been a fan of more relaxed, masculine silhouettes, and opposing the "contrast something baggy with something more fitted to balance things out" "rule" (pfft, no it's not a rule) I love loose fitted shirts paired with baggy jeans-- with a casual hat like a bowler hat or a beanie as the cherry on top. Case in point: this look right here. To veer away from looking too sloppy and predictable, I piled on some chunky statement bling and slipped into some comfortable wedges-- one that looks feminine enough to add an interesting twist, but remains clean and simple enough to complement the whole look and not misplace itself.

By the by, those grey jeans have been with me since I was in high school! Thought I paid a fortune for 'em when I first got 'em, but I must say Topshop jeans are worth the wallet burn. They're pretty timeless and durable.

For a more detailed low-down of our outfits, watch the OOTD video below! If you wanna see some awkward dancing to some choice beats (or so we deem them), all the more reason for you to check it out.

You can also watch our June Favorites here, where we suggest various products, games, music.. Anything!

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