Monday, July 15, 2013


The title seems a little misleading as it almost looks like I'm saying, "EWW, FOODS," but that isn't it. EWWS, a.k.a Everywhere We Shoot, held their first solo exhibit a few months ago (cue old backlog again) and being such a fan I knew I HAD to go.

Thrifted top, skirt and shoes, Folded & Hung cap

I went with my friend Camille who is also a fan, and so during the exhibit we mostly kept to ourselves while ogling at the magic of EWWS and silently fangirling while humbly basking in the presence of other magically artistic people. I feel like a pseudo-cool kid when I get the chance to attend events like these. (I only say 'pseudo-cool' because we all know I'm always gonna be uncool anyway.)

Forever 21/H&M/Bershka/Stradivarius rings

Forever 21 earrings and necklace

The video above chronicles not just my outfit but a couple of clips from the exhibit opening as well! Here you get to see the Vergara couple, Jujiin Samonte, Ana, my darling Camille, confetti, and food, naturally. Head on over to this post and you'll see just a few more pictures from the event!

What I said in the video about the holes in my top providing ventilation is one of the biggest lies ever, BECAUSE I WAS SWEATING BUCKETS BY THE TIME I WAS DONE DOCUMENTING MY OUTFIT. Sometimes I wonder how I even manage to pull off filming and photographing my outfits in all this heat...

From Hong Kong watch and white spiked choker/bracelet, Tickles skull bracelet

Le Sportsac (gifted) backpack

I hope some of you got to see the exhibit while it was still up! If you didn't, well... fingers crossed that EWWS has another exhibit that we can all come see again, hohoho. Congrats again to Ryan and Garovs!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS HUHUHU

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