Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dapper Whippersnapper

Hello. Once again I have resurfaced to the land of the living to see how things have been coming along. I carry a new outfit entry on my person, and in this outfit I have taken cues from the dapper manner of dressing. Of course, my preference for an edgier aesthetic always gets in the way of any style influence.

Landmark Dept. Store top, Local Celebrity necklace, H&M pants, K.Bell socks, People Are People creepers

Landmark and Market Market are my dens of sin. I got my shirt and necklace from those two bargain utopias. Local Celebrity is located in the fashion bazaar/tiangge, on the 2nd floor. It should be in the middle area right where the stairs are, if you were curious. If you live in Metro Manila, a Landmark shouldn't be too difficult to find. They carry a smorgasbord of basic tops in assorted cuts-- and for assorted price cuts as well. This lace piece cost me around P250. I recall seeing a similar one being sold in Topshop for more than 5 times the price. (Not that I dislike Topshop. Just felt that this disclaimer was necessary)

I threw in a lace crop top to soften the masculine appearance of this look and to bring the age of the appearance down as well. As mentioned, I took styling cues from dapper gentlemen but decided I was more of a rambunctious little feminine lad.. Or masculine lass.

There is one more outfit you can view in this video below, as this post is one half of a collection of outfits for May and June. Well, if you consider a really pathetic 2 as a "collection"... I'm really sorry. I've been handling professional matters, as well as cleaning and revamping my entire room. I'll be back with more posts as I am working on a number of new things!

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