Monday, June 17, 2013

So Long and Goodnight

Thrifted lace top and dress

WOAH THROWBACK TO MY OLD HAIR! That's because this outfit is nearly 3 months old, and I'm only publishing it now. Because. Stuff. That aside, I made this outfit with My Chemical Romance's Helena in mind, because at the time this outfit was conceived, I had just found out that MCR disbanded. I remember my heart dropping at the news because MCR was one of my favorite bands in high school; I fangirl'd so hard to them and I remember Helena was my most listened to song in my iTunes at one point. Mikey Way was even the one who got me into beanies in the first place.

Helena was the first MCR song I knew of, and ultimately it became my favorite. This outfit was inspired by the song's music video, and I was sort of in 'mourning' so I wanted to keep it mostly black. I actually wore this to a nephew's baptism reception, and usually for baptismal affairs I like to wear something white, BUT I WAS IN MOURNING OKAY ONE OF MY FAVORITE BANDS HAD JUST DISBANDED. I never even got to see them live, much like how I missed out on Panic! At the Disco before they became a two-man gig.

The news was a little upsetting. I vaguely remember listening to Helena again on loop when I found out and wailing in front of my computer...

Oh right, I have a video too. In the intro you can see me looking all dramatic in slow motion with the wind in my hair and angst on my face. Go on, watch my attempt to look ~*~artsy~*~

The shoes and bag in the photo differ from the ones in the video because, as I mentioned in the vlog, my shoes broke in the middle of filming. The chain of my purse broke too, so you can see me holding it ala clutch bag after the intro clips. Funny fails.

From Hong Kong bag

Switching to this bag made me feel like some gothic Mary Poppins though. (And, come to think of it, I don't know how I managed to survive filming and shooting this outfit in March. The heat. The heeaaat.)

Bought from a bazaar studded ring, Forever 21 key ring, Dorothy Perkins necklace

Forever 21 headpiece

From Hong Kong shoes

Seeing as I only took inspiration from Helena (in no way am I saying it's what 'Helena' wears in the MV), the concept might not have even translated in my outfit. Or maybe you need to watch the video to get a better picture. Winkwink.

Ah, looking back at this outfit makes my heart hurt. I'll always love MCR, and the time of my life that involved fangirling over the band is always a pleasant memory. So long and goodnight, My Chemical Romance. Just not goodbye. AHHH THE CHEESE

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