Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Back to blonde! Loljk, this is just an old outfit. My posts can't seem to keep up with my hair colors anymore.

So! As mentioned in the video, this is another one of those 'inspired by' outfits, this time my peg was Sirius Black from the Harry Potter franchise. Some friends and I met up for a Harry Potter movie marathon (which thus became known as "HP Day") and we thought it'd be fun to centralize our outfits on certain characters. Said friends make a cameo in this video, if you're interested innit.

Thrifted jacket and skirt, DIY/Team Manila tank top, from Hong Kong stockings, Steve Madden shoes

You probably don't see anything remotely Sirius Black in my outfit... or maybe you do. As you all know, when I take inspiration from a character to make an outfit, I don't like taking things too literal, so it's only some subtle details that shine through here and there.

(I once made an outfit inspired by Terra from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep though, and while it went undocumented, it was something that could pass off as something akin to a ~*~fashionable~*~ interpretation of his character design. Basically there was nothing subtle about it.)

Gifted black rings, borrowed from mom green ring, Landmark Department Store necklace

Oxygen silver necklace, idk where the choker is from 'cause it's old huhu sorry

I forgot to include a clip featuring these two necklaces/chokers, so here's a photo instead. I thought I forgot to film this part of my outfit, when actually the clip was there all along! I couldn't be bothered to re-edit just for this one detail though since the video had already rendered and uploaded. Thank goodness for blog post counterparts then! (Siriusly, it pissed me off that I didn't get to include the clip because filming yourself on your own can be a struggle.)

from Hong Kong headband

Really, the only reason I get that biker vibe I get from Sirius is because of his flying motorbike. And besides being a part of the pranking Marauders, I feel like ol' Padfoot was quite the bad boy/playboy during his youth. An attractive one.

Out of all the movies in the franchise, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is definitely my favorite. (Maybe my favorite book, too...?) I really enjoyed Alfonso CuarĂ³n's direction with the film and I feel like that's what set it apart from all the rest while still being part of the whole picture. Lemme know which one's your fave!

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