Sunday, June 16, 2013

Our first solo feature!

We interrupt regular programming with some breaking news: WE GOT FEATURED SOMEWHERE!!! Cara of Cara Will Take Over contacted us a few weeks back for an interview of a sort, and the feature covers stuff like our individual styles to inspirations and so on. You should just read the article to find out.

Click the image to be redirected.

Besides getting to know us and our style philosophies more, you also get to see some never-before-seen photos!!! WHAT A BONUS RIGHT? MORE OF OUR FACES! Jk. Cara asked us for some photos and we were at first stuck in a rut, because the two of us actually don't have any updated photos together, so the feature prompted us to get together and shoot! You might see an outfit or two to be familiar if you've seen our faves video, and that's because we filmed the vid and shot these photos on the same day.

This counts as our first ever feature together as Cheapskateers, so this is kindov a big deal. Let's go celebrate with gummy bears! And cotton candy! And some Daft Punk too! What with their new album being a big hit and all.

Thank you again for the opportunity, Cara!

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  1. No problemo. I love your individual styles so much that it DESERVES such spotlight.