Friday, June 21, 2013

Multimedia Arts Exhibit

Ana and Ina present to you...

Another old outfit vlog! This time it's from April (hey at least we're moving forward now) during an exhibit of our good friend Ana and her schoolmates! Maronne and I went with our friends Terry and Kevin, and it was a blast. The exhibit was SO interesting and cool and rad and not to mention very interactive! To think these were only by students! Four for you, MMA kids.

Folded & Hung top, Bershka pants

This outfit turned out to be a denim-on-denim ensemble. I like how the sleeves (which are pretty thin, so yay for not-so-humid garments!) are a nice pattern in contrast to all the denim.

from Hong Kong clutch bag

from Hong Kong shoes

I LOVE these shoes. Like I mentioned in the video, I call them my lobster shoes because... they kinda remind me of lobster claws. These are also really comfortable; I actually graduated from college in these shoes and had no trouble at all going from place to place.

Stradivarius necklace

Mich Dulce x Bench headband

I remember finding out about the Mich Dulce for Bench collection before. I was in the car along EDSA, and I see a billboard on SM Megamall. With my sunglasses on my eyesight wasn't the best, and when I saw the billboard I was like, "Hmm, that looks like Mich Dulce." I remove my sunglasses, squint, and realize... "OMG IT IS BITCH DULCE!!!" I freaked out because Mich Dulce is one of, if not my favorite, local designers EVER. So of course I had to get some of her stuff from Bench!

What I didn't mention in the video is that these Bershka pants can actually double as a jacket! I've yet to wear it as a jacket because it's just waaaay too comfy when worn as pants, but hey, you at least get a 2-in-1 deal. These are one of my favorite pair of pants ever. They're just so nice and baggy and drop crotch and... it's like my legs are forever in bed in these. If that makes sense.

That's all for my part of this post. For the record, the blame's all on me for getting this post up so late. I'll go hide under my blankets now.

from Hong Kong hat, Thrifted top, From Bangkok shorts, Asian Vogue shoes

Maronne here. And ah, finally! Another full outfit post on my behalf. Lately I've been posting sneak-peak outfits in order to get a little traffic on the blog, but now that that's been sort of accomplished, I guess I'd better get back to regular business here.

Anyway, as I mentioned in the video blog, I decided to adorn myself in black and white, as I usually do. I mean, I've always fancied black and white outfits and dark colors. I'm glad I got the chance to bust out a dark lip in tandem with this look, which was, again as mentioned in the video blog, inspired by gothic fairytales and the gothic aesthetic in general. I used to be a total goth when I was a wee tween but as my style matured, I learned to incorporate my love for a darker, "alternative" aesthetic into outfits that are more current and true to the new aesthetics I've gladly let into my life.  

Oh, and for the record, the lippy I used is Nyx's Very Berry! A tad runny, but a great color and very cheap. I recommend it!

I loooooove any clothing with intricate, well-placed lines. While people say that horizontal lines running across a bottom makes your hips look wider, I couldn't care less. Just wear what you think looks pretty and you'll feel good about yourself and in the end that's all that fashion should be there for. I love how the lines could have easily made the shorts look geometrical or graphic, but the way they're draping over each other and forming smooth curves (that almost remind me of a rib cage) give them this elegant-gothic-romantic vibe that made me buy them in a snap. I got them at the Platinum Fashion Mall, a highly recommended shopping haunt in Bangkok. Best prices, best clothes.

And of course, I couldn't even last a week without incorporating skeletal imagery, spikes or studs into any outfit.

And that's about it for my part!! 

BUT WAIT!! We have TONS of footage of the exhibit itself, so head on over to the video blog for way more content!

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