Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Same Old (Mostly Old)

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOK WHO'S BACK LOLOLOL I'm sorry for being so inactive huhuhu. The blog hasn't been updated in almost a month and I'm not sure why. (Loljk: I'm lazy.) I've had this (and there are about 3 more) outfit tucked away for a long while, but I never got to posting it because there was a corresponding vlog for it. But I guess I'm lazy with video-editing and need to be in the ~*~mood~*~ to get started, or YouTube problems discourage me (lately there hasn't been much of that though... omona did I just jinx myself omo I hope not //edit: I think I did TABLEFLIP) so posting this got pushed back further and further into the depths of my laptop.

But hey! Look! I have another outfit vlog! And this one seems a little better than my previous one, at least in my opinion. It seems... less cluttered, so to say? I'm not a big fan of the lighting though, but I had to make do with my time and space. The next one is a LOT better. (There's just a question of when it'll be posted ahahahaha...)

H&M rings, Greenhills tiangge skull bracelet, Folded & Hung bullet bracelet

Here's a better look at those accessories. Also, I didn't get to document my earring in photograph form, but there is a good clip of it in the video, so go watch go watch go watch!!!

Cotton On top, H&M pants, from Hong Kong clutch bag

To be honest I'm not really sure if this top is from Cotton On and these pants from H&M. Either it's the other way around, they're both from Cotton On, or they're both from H&M. When I shot this outfit, my mom had just recently come home from HK, so these clothes were stuff she brought home. So... this was a little bit of a no-brainer outfit. The pieces were just lying around together and I just wore them pfft.

United Colors of Benetton (Kids) shoes

Sneaks that I borrowed from my mom. Aren't the ruffle details so cute?

Apologies again for leaving the blog so neglected, and for so long too! I'll be going on a trip over the weekend and I'm hoping with the powers that be that the internet there will help me upload better...

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