Sunday, March 10, 2013

Desert Flower

H&M top, Oxygen skirt, from Hong Kong shoes

Last weekend I finally got to play Journey, a videogame on the PS3 made by Thatgamecompany. I have nothing but good things to say about Journey, one of them being that it is so beautiful and artistic that it doesn't feel like you're playing a videogame. It almost feels like you're watching a visually orgasmic film while holding a PS3 remote controller.

K8 bracelet, from Hong Kong  watch

This outfit was inspired by Journey. I sort of played with the color palette of the main character of the game, that being black and mostly red. While I didn't have any red scarf or poncho of a sort, I went with a black, flowy top instead, taking a cue from the very fluid and drapey movement of fabric within the game. Then I stuck with gold accessories to sort of echo the sparkly parts that the player may come across in gameplay

For shoes I went with a nude color to represent the sand element of the game. I thought it was fitting to bring that color on my feet, as a sort of 'sand in your feet' kind of thing. I was supposed to film this outfit, but my camera died on me before I could. That being said, the image quality of this post isn't really consistent because some snapshots were taken with my phone camera. Apologies.

The skirt is also an ode to the game. Besides the color scheme, it also sort of represents the sky and the stars, which are an element towards the end of the game. (Also I have always wanted galaxy-printed clothes okay.)

Vintage (?) gold necklace, Papemelroti brown necklace

I think this gold necklace is so, so cool. I found it in some of my mom's belongings, and it reminds me of the wristbands old watches are adorned with. As with the Papemelroti necklace, it's actually the lens of a pair of glasses. On the back it has random text on it. Really cool.

Never in my life have I cried because something was so beautiful. Until Journey, that is. It is a beautifully made game and Thatgamecompany successfully invoked an emotional response from me. I never thought a videogame of all things would move me to tears. You guys need to play it okay. You just can't go wrong with Journey.

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