Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rise From The Ashes

I'M BAAAAACK!!! Hahahaha Happy Hearts Day everyone! I had to go on a blogging hiatus for my beloved #THESISIT (you can tell there is a time skip between my last post and this one by the length of my bangs HAHAHA), but now that's done and over with and I can finally blog again! I would've made my ~*~comeback~*~ with a supplementary outfit vlog as well, but I've been having severe problems with Youtube in terms of uploading lately and it's been driving me up the wall. I hope it gets resolved soon because I've been so excited to make videos since December and now that I have the time for it, Youtube won't let me. *heartbreak heartbreak*

Anyway, this was an outfit from yesterday when my family and I had dinner with one of my mom's friends at Eastwood. Wearing long-sleeved tops in this tropical country is typically hard to manage; long-sleeved velvet tops are even harder to wear, but thankfully it was a little cool last night so I survived. My blog post title was taken from a chapter in the video game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (one of my favorite gaming franchises!) and I thought it was fitting since I'm... rising... from the ashes that are my remains... from the stress of thesis... something like that...

It was also Ash Wednesday yesterday so....................................

Oxygen necklace

Lately I find myself gravitating towards ~*~minimalistic~*~ accessories. No idea where this came from, but I've always wanted a necklace/choker like this one! I actually really wanted the more rounded, bar-like version, but I've yet to find one and this one from Oxygen's a really good substitute for that anyway.

From Hong Kong bag

Remember when I said I wished I had a bunch of metallic clothing so that I could look like a walking roll of foil? It's the same with velvet. I wish I had velvet leggings and shoes (I've already got velvet tops and a skirt thanks to thrift stores) so that I can look like a walking roll of felt.

People Are People/Syrup shoes

Can we please have a moment for my shoes? Can we? GUYS I FINALLY HAVE CREEPERS DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH OF A DREAM THIS HAS BEEN FOR ME HUHUHUHU I was really surprised when I found this at People Are People though! I had no idea they were carrying creepers of all things! BUT REALLY I HAVE WANTED CREEPERS FOR SO MANY YEARS AND THIS IS LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE!!!

Market! Market! spiked ring, H&M silver rings, Classified belt (came with a coat or smthn)

I love this top because of the pattern. And because of the fact that it's velvet. FELFET. (Also there are random white hairs/lint stuff on my top because I was carrying Miso who is now freshly groomed, just in time for her birthday yay.)

Thrifted top and skirt, Oxygen beanie

I really hope I get to upload videos soon. It takes me 38497593486 hours to upload my file, and at the end it never actually processes. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? :'( Thank you in advance huhu.

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