Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hey Stud

Cotton On top and skirt, from Hong Kong stockings, Thrifted shoes, H&M purse

Here's an outfit I wore for a one-on-one date with my mom last week. My mom brought home this top and skirt on two separate trips, and didn't realize that they were both from Cotton On. I didn't realize it either until I wore this outfit; all I had in my head was that Mama brought home a studded top and skirt, and when I made this outfit I noticed that the studs on both were identical. And then I checked the tags and that solved the mystery.

H&M rings

I was never one for bodycon anythings -- for obvious reasons -- but this skirt was kinda oversized so it didn't hug me the way a bodycon traditionally should. The length was a bit long too because of the size, but then again maybe it was supposed to be a little long? You can see just how identical the studs are. Kinda funny how my mom and I didn't realize that these pieces were both from the same store.

I LOVE tattoo tights/stockings, but I've never actually seen them as fake tattoos. Really, I first saw tattoo tights on someone some time last year but never actually perceived them as tattoos. I could immediately tell that they were just tights. They look absolutely nothing like real tattoos to me for some reason, but apparently these things can still fool other people. (One of my aunts thought I actually got my legs inked, haha.) Maybe it's because I have actual tattoos for myself, so I can tell the difference? Go figure.

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