Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thesis Exhibit + Visit

GUYS LOOK I GOTS A VIDEO CAN YOU BILIBIT?!?!? Hahaha it took me a while to get this up because of YouTube problems but it's finally here!!! How does it feel to put a voice to a face now? Weird? Awkward? Magical? WHATEVER! So as mentioned in the video, this was an old outfit I wore to go see a friend's thesis exhibit, except... we got there too early lololol. Oh well, at least we were there for support right? Anyway, here are some more detailed outfit deets!

Bloggers United robe, Lowrys Farm top, Thrifted shorts, from Japan tights, from Hong Kong shoes

Candy Stripper bag

Look at my pretty cat bag!!! It was a freebie from Zipper magazine! Maybe I should make an outfit filled with cat prints one day...

Greenhills tiangge skeleton bracelet, Apostrophe eyeball bracelet, H&M rings

Bloggers United earrings

You know this outfit's old because my hair's a lot greener lolz. I would've had this up sooner, but as you all know I had my thesis to deal with.

from Hong Kong shoes

As you all know I am obsessed with clear/see-through shoes. This is just partially see-through though but I really liked how they looked and how the heels looked as well. (That being said, I am still on the look out for the perfect pair of see-through shoes.) Maronne said they even reminded her of those platforms from Deandri, which we both love. Speaking of, she's part of the video as well! Because really, when you're in Arrneo, you MUST tell your Arrneo friends that you're in the area.

Topshop beanie, Hellz Bellz top, Forever 21 pants, Hand-me-down cardigan, People Are People shoes

Maronne was achully busy with school duties but she snuck a few minutes with us anyway because WE ARE MAGICAL PEOPLE! Also because I very rarely make any visits to my friends' schools.

I'm not very happy with the video, to be honest, but oh well I'm sure it'll get better. Maybe it's just the ~*~artist~*~ in me being critical loljk. You can even tell the obvious difference between Maronne and I. I didn't really talk much but Maronne said heaps loads! I still don't know what to say about my clothes hahaha.

It would've been better, really, but Terry and I were in a hurry to get home because of obligations so we were a little pressed for time. Regardless, I hope y'all still enjoy the video anyway!