Monday, February 18, 2013

A Date With The Stars

Thrifted top and dress, Vintage purse, Forever 21 tights, Greenhills tiangge flats

SO I GOT TO SEE STARS LIVE LAST WEEKEND!!! I don't even care that I was alone (alone as in... I didn't get to see them with a friend, not alone as in I had the show all to myself lol) because the night was perfect. Stars were perfect. EVERYTHING WAS BEAUTIFUL. I was tearing up when they played Your Ex-Lover Is Dead because that is my favorite song ever and just FEELS ALL OVER THE PLACE. I'll save all these feelings for another post, but in any case I treated this concert as a post-thesis gift to myself and as a pseudo-Valentine's date. Basically my Valentine's 2013 date was Stars and it was magical.

Vintage necklace

As usual I kept accessories at a minimum because I figured I'd be moving about, but me having not much experience as a concert-goer (this one was only my second time), I didn't really know what to expect. Comparing it to my first concert last summer (which was an intense crowd), I assumed Stars would have a more mellow vibe. I was right. While I was within the crowd, I still had room to move around.

Like my last concert outfit, I went with lace just because it's such an easy fabric to work with, especially when considering how I need something that will let me breathe. Maybe I should always wear lace whenever I go to concerts, haha! I dunno if you can tell but this lace top has an asymmetrical hemline. Cool beans.

I guess you could say this is also what I would wear to Valentine's Day, but really, I built this outfit around my image of Stars. There's something very intimate about their music, and I sort of translated that through lace, soft colors, florals and pearls.

Truthfully, I only got these shoes the day of the concert because the original pair I was wearing (my floral flats), were worn out and it wasn't going to hold until the concert. I like the pizazz they add to my outfit though. Sparkle.

This dress came with a matching sash, but I didn't really want to wear it with the dress so I wore it as a hair accessory instead.

Stars said they'd come back here someday and I'm totally holding them to it. Because really, why wouldn't you go see them live again? I LOVE YOU STARS!!!

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