Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The First (VLOG and 2013 outfit!)

So. Ina and I have decided to make a YouTube channel for different OOTD vlogs and other style-and-taste-related videos. Check out our first one below-- a quick OOTD vid for this post! 

Words and photos became a bit of a stale scene for us, so we thought we'd challenge ourselves by doing videos! (Actually, Ina got me into this!!) Of course, there'll be more --and BETTER videos in the future! Haha *cough*I'm no photographer nor am I a cinematographer and I struggled with taking videos of myself*cough* But hey! Learning's part of the fun. We've got plans. Stay tuned. But for now, check out the video. ;)

EMODA (thrifted) top, from Hong Kong shorts & hat, AsianVogue booties

The weather was SWELTERING. I wanted to be as comfortable as possible so I skipped the jewelry. Plus, the lunch was held at our place.. I didn't wanna look like I dressed to the nines for something that was not only a casual, friendly get-together over lunch but also something held from the ease and comfort of my own home.

I love the arrangement of the pearls on the collar, and the best part is it's well-made; the pearls are studs-- they're not just sewn on! So this top won't be falling apart any time soon. Best part is it only cost me Php125 (around $3)

These shorts are my lazy shorts, actually. I wear them all the time, and so they're not as black and snappy-looking as they used to be.. But still, I'll love them endlessly. Whoa rhyme. Okay. 

Admittedly, this is a really girly outfit for me. That's why I threw on socks and booties-- to roughen it up a little. Had I used pumps.. I wouldn't be able to recognize myself maybe. Haha! Plus, I'm all for booties with chunky heels. I only whip out my stilettos and pumps for dressier events.

Aight, well that's it for now. Darn this video blogging thing is making me excited. Haha! ;) See you guys soon! Expect more videos, seriously.


  1. OOOOH, you sound so nice. You're a natural at voice overs! Interesting concept of video ootd. Did you film this by yourself?

    1. Thank you!! Yes, I filmed it by myself. Spent some painstaking quality time with my camera on a tripod! Hahaha. I'm really glad you think that! -Maronne