Monday, December 24, 2012

Your Own Captain

Thrifted (in Hong Kong) top, H&M black mullet top, Export overrun (in Hong Kong) shorts, from Hong Kong shoes and clutch bag, Regina's hat

Admittedly, I feel a little douchey that my outfit consists of items that were all from Hong Kong, with a mullet top from H&M, no less. (H&M... in HK, for that matter.) Not that I hold any resentment towards people who wear branded and imported stuff; I could care less really, but when it's on me it feels so wrong. It could be because I've associated myself with thrifted items for so long (so much of my wardrobe is thrifted by now) that deviating from that image feels so unreal.

From Hong Kong necklace and watch, Regina's starfish and pink octopus ring, Rebel Gear black octopus ring, K8 jewel ring and thunderbolt ring

I sometimes wonder how some people can talk about their clothes and outfits so frequently and easily whereas I hate doing it because I don't know how to talk about my clothes without sounding robotic and fake. Most of the adjectives that I can come out with are 'cool', 'pretty', and my favorite: 'magical.'

I also wonder if I've talked about this before. I think I have. In any case, when I was in Hong Kong, I stayed away from buying shoes because I already received several pairs via my mom's line of work. This was one pair we got towards the end of the trip. If I remember right it cost about 99HKD, which, in peso is around P500. Not bad right?

As much as I think mullet skirts need to go die in a fire (in nicer words: be put to rest), I think mullet tops are still nice. They're not as overdone as mullet skirts at least, although to begin with I do think some mullet skirts with certain cuts are nice. (I also think I've mentioned this before in another post hahahaaaa.)

Anyway, a Happy Christmas to every single one of you! I hope you all enjoy the holiday and share all the love and happiness with your favorite people. JOY TO THE WORLD Y'ALL!

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