Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What's Up, 2013

from Taobao dress, Charles & Keith heels

Yes, I made a blog post on New Year's Eve. Well the saying does recommend spending it doing something you enjoy doing, right? I can't be singing or acting or cosplaying right now, but I'm doing something I love, aren't I? Haha! I rest my case.

Anyway, this is the first Cheapskateers post for the year 2013! :) I apologize for the lower-quality shots, I wanted to share this outfit with you guys but had no time, since the day was full of New Year's Eve preparations. Anyway, this is my new favorite dress. It appears quite simple, but I don't really look for too much glitz in dresses-- it's all in the details. but the cut-out, strappy geometric top (with cap sleeves!), trapeze cut, subtly ruched sweetheart neckline and black chiffon really work some serious magic for me. (And that I got it for quite a steal adds some extra pixie dust too.)

The back part of this dress is gorgeous, too. I love how the straps are spread out lightly-- like a spiderweb in the works.

Of course, my shoes joined in the strhappiness (strap happiness? Anyone? Okay, yeah, I know. I tried.)

As you can see, I am in a hotel. Haha! I spent New Year's Eve in one, with my family of course. A short and simple "staycation" (staying in a hotel near where we live) celebration. No better way to start the year than with people I know truly love and care for me. Hopefully you guys are doing the same, and if you're spending tonight alone, know that there is definitely someone out there who wishes you were with them, or is wishing that you have a great year ahead of you, no matter where they may be, in whatever physical or metaphysical realm (if you believe in those.) I'm pretty sure of it. Admittedly, 2012 was not my year. I tried to make it my year, but I'm gonna be back for bloody revenge this 2013 and make it count like Count Dracula (okay ssshhhh I know, I know.) No way to go but up, and no matter what, you'll always learn and grow. Have a great New Year, everybody! 

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