Saturday, December 22, 2012

Unexpected Ordinary

Obey beanie, Cotton On Pullover, Forever 21 vest, thrifted shorts, SKCH +3 sneaker wedges

It was one of those days after weeks of fatigue and sleepless nights where you just want to lie in bed and indulge in staying away from people for a while. But then it was also one of those nights brimming past its quota with Christmas parties (albeit some conflicting with the others) and seemingly a good chance to reconnect with people whom, as a result of your weeks of fatigue and sleepless nights, you haven't seen in eons. While I wanted it so badly to be more of the former, I made a good choice with acting upon it as the latter. I had 3 pre-Christmas parties lined up today, all of which were pretty intimate, so there really wasn't any need to glam up or anything-- which is perfect. I'd really much rather dress this way.

Badly legs and heavy, puffy eyelids manifest the physical and mental overexertion I immerse myself in almost every year as I balance my different sources of (fulfilling) exhaustion: the physical kind of rehearsing for plays with the mental kind of being loaded with schoolwork. I'm glad to get away from it every once in a while, though.. It takes away so much time from me too, so I abuse the little amounts of blogging time that I get whenever I'm more free!

My new favorite arm candy and my new favorite headgear: A skull bracelet I picked up at a bazaar, and an Obey beanie I (finally) purchased during a trip to Hong Kong a few months back. 

The usual studs-- My personal uniform, and maybe the only kind of uniform I'll endlessly enjoy wearing, save for perhaps if I were a Japanese High School Girl in a Seifuku. Or Gogo Yubari.

By the way, if you were wondering what the title of this entry has to do with.. Well, anything, I'd like to explain first that I love sneakers. My shoe preference is arranged in this order: 1.) sneakers/boots, 2.)  pumps, 3.) wedges. Second, I think I may be obsessed with sneaker wedges. I mean, they're purely beneficial for me: They're sneakers forcryingoutloud, and they don't make my legs look too stumpy (which is something high-cut sneakers really tend to do to me) because of the hidden heel. This black pair is a recent acquisition and I love them so much I get the urge to wear them everyday because they're so comfy--- but what makes me love them so much more is the unexpected brand that they are from: "SKCH +3" is a line of hidden-wedge sneakers and boots by... Skechers.

Noooot bad at aaallll, Skechers. Folks, if you're looking for a pair of super comfortable & durable sneaker wedges but don't wanna spend too much on Isabel Marants or Ash sneaker wedges (or don't wanna wait too long for shipping, for those in the Philippines) I'd recommend SKCH +3 sneaker wedges. I mean, the last time I ever owned a pair of Skechers sneakers was when I rode on the hype back in grade school when Britney Spears was endorsing the brand. Since then, admittedly I've really not been a fan of their shoes at all, and would never ever imagine a Skechers pair being added to my wardrobe. That Skechers has managed to very pleasantly surprise me with this line makes me love these shoes even more! I've already gotten quite a number of "WHAT, THOSE ARE FROM SKECHERS!?" reactions already (said with pleasant intentions, of course.) You can hate all you want, to all you who are label-obssessed. Haha! This is one of the perks of keeping an open mind, and not just in terms of fashion. If you give chances and explore indiscriminately you'll find plenty of pleasant surprises-- the kind that feels rewarding.


  1. great vest and shoes!! lovely sweater too!! so cute!!