Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tinsel Princess

Mango (gifted) top, Jellybean dress, Feetish shoes

Hello everyone Merry Christmas!!! I hope all of you had a wonderful and fruitful Christmas that was spent with your loved ones. I didn't really feel that the holidays were approaching because the closer we got to the end of the year, the closer I got to doomsday a.k.a. #THESISIT (... not the apocalypse, although thesis may well be considered as apocalyptic in any case.) When Christmas Eve came around, it felt like time went by so quickly! As usual I went to my grandmother's to celebrate Christmas Eve; this year I wasn't decked much in anything Christmas-y, unlike last year when I had on some Christmas colors and even wore a magical Christmas sweater. (I love cheesy sweaters like that.)

This dress was actually purchased like a day or two before Christmas Eve. Before that I didn't actually have anything to wear for the occasion, and I was planning on just winging it. But my mom and I spotted this dress on sale and figured it should be my Christmas dress. I remember seeing said dress a few months ago, regular priced, and thought it was cute but pretty much out of my budget. Even with its sale price I wouldn't of actually purchased it, but my mom insisted and here we are. My mom called it a princess dress while I always thought it was such a ballerina dress. What do you think?

Gifted/Regina's accessories, H&M clutch bag

The only tinsel-like thing I have on my outfit is actually my bag. It's just shiny. (I still really wanna own a bunch of metallic clothes so that I can look like a walking roll of foil. Please support me in my endeavors.)

Gifted detachable collar

Like Maronne, I wore a detachable collar on Christmas Eve too, but it was totally unplanned!!! Ain't that swell. I've never sought out detachable collars (before they blew up, I thought they were cute but I was too lazy to make my own) but I think they're a really good addition to an outfit. I've two now and that number may or may not expand.

I wish I had shots of my shoes and hair clips (they were a snowman and Santa Claus!), but my camera died on me before I got to document them. Whatever. Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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