Monday, December 24, 2012

The Holiday Doll-Up

Market! Market! Tiangge detachable collar, H&M dress, from Hong Kong shoes

I'm stating the obvious here, but I love how a detachable collar like the one I'm wearing can change the way a dress looks. On its own the dress has a simple cut, but with the collar its suddenly 10 times more feminine. It's pretty advantageous to me since I only feel like girl-ing it up waaay less than half the time. I don't know what made this look happen! I'll just put the blame on the holiday spirit as everyone always does. Haha! 

Come to think of it, I don't know what motivates me to look a certain way, my creative impulses especially in temrs of styling myself are so goshdarned varied (and they come out of nowhere) that one day I'll be a walking weapon with all the spikes I've got on, and the next day I'll completely shun my accessories closet and be as minimalist as possible. I don't think my gothic/street/punk influences will ever go away, though. That's the beauty of the human body-- it's such an interesting 3-dimensional canvas! It's interesting to work around its limitations and assets, and you can paint any kind of picture and create any kind of character with it, if you wanted to. Specific "characters" that I conjure up in my head with their own stories (molded into the archetypes I have affinities to) are actually what inspire me to dress up most of the time. But anyway, I'm rambling...

A simple celebration calls for simple holiday dressing. I didn't wanna give my Christmas tree a run for its money nor did I wanna be the human form of a Christmas card by shoving the holiday theme in peoples' faces, so I eased up on the metallics and opted for one my favorite palettes that just happen to be perfectly expressive of the winter season: jewel tones. 

My two favorite arm candies serve as the fried-pancake-batter-around-the-oreo (totes better than cherries on top), as always.

I also wore a subtle plum lip, if you haven't noticed!! I haven't veered away from my usual go-to "natural makeup" (my excuse for wearing barely any makeup HAHA) in a while, so I'm rather enjoying this brief return to dark lipstick (I was obsessed with dark lips a year or two ago.)

Merry holidays and happy Christmas! Here's to hoping you've forgotten all your sorrows and are surrounding yourself with good vibes. Whether or not you're a grinch, give love on Christmas day because people deserve it! Think of it as one of the few days life gives you where all it wants is for you to be happy. Although you should spread generosity and good cheer everyday... Make it count especially today. =)

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