Monday, December 31, 2012

"That Blue Rainbow Thing"

Yesterday's outfit was inspired by a certain cartoon character, although not entirely as I had only decided to take inspiration from said character a little later on. Some friends and I were discussing My Little Pony and how I really liked Rainbow Dash, if only for the fact that she's got 'rainbow' in her name and hair. Except I called her "that blue rainbow thing" until someone supplied me with a name. That being said, the peg for this outfit should be obvious by now.

Also, for some reason, I alwaysalwaysALWAYS have this idea in my head that everyone from MLP is a unicorn. Until I look at the characters and realize that there aren't any horns. And that the series is called My Little Pony.

Rainbow Dash looks like she's judging my shoes. Or maybe she's annoyed that I stole her cutie mark.

Cotton On  colored bracelets, Yhansy eyeball ring, Gachapon wings ring, Regina's clear bracelets, Tickles skull bracelets, Gifted silver bangles

Originally I was going to wear that sweater on my waist, but it was too warm and I also wanted to wear this top, so I compromised and wore both without suffocating my body in heat. I never got to wear that sweater until last night, even if I found it some time last year. I like how the print goes well with my polka dot skirt though, making the dots look like snowflakes! (Well, at least to me.) I also wore polka dots as an early welcome to the new year!

Cotton On top, Thrifted lace top, sweater and skirt, UGG shoes, H&M detachable collar

I don't even watch MLP. In fact I had no intentions of watching it until about a month ago, and until now I still haven't bothered with it. But apparently that won't stop me from making outfit translations based off of a character from the series. (As I type this I imagine everyone from MLP is a unicorn and then I have to remind myself of that constant error.)

H&M bag

The bag is MUCH better in person, and a lot shinier. It looks like one of those metallic wrapper things that are almost... holographic? WHATEVER IT'S GROOVY AND IT'S PERFECT LET'S LEAVE IT AT THAT

Greenhills tiangge headband

The perfect accessory to top it all off was this rainbow headband to exude Rainbow Dash's rainbow hair. You can never go wrong with the rainbow.

Advanced Happy New Year everyone! Have fun and stay safe later with whatever you'll be doing to celebrate, be it lighting up firecrackers at home or going out to party. This post marks my last for 2012, and so I'll be seeing you in the next year. Thank you all so much for your support and readership, and I wish you all a very blessed year ahead!


  1. amazing skirt and shoes!! i adore your lace cardigan!! your pictures are awesome! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you very much! A belated happy holidays to you!!! <3