Sunday, December 23, 2012

Silver Lining

Thrifted top and skirt, from Hong Kong stockings, SM Parisian shoes

There's an annual tradition I've been following with my parents for the past couple of years. That tradition involves taking the parentals out for dinner, all on me, as an anniversary gift from me to them. This year just so happens to be their 25th anniversary together, a.k.a. the silver year! My parents and I aren't really the type for formal anythings but considering how special the occasion was, we thought we could at least dress up for the night.

I found this top loooong ago (maybe some time late last year or at the beginning of 2012) and never wore it until last night because I was saving it for an occasion. I thought I was going to wear it at some event or whatever while I was still interning at, but that obvs didn't happen. I like how it subtly sparkles when the light hits it. As for the skirt, it's a more recent thrift find. It's velvet, which, I don't know... the fact that it's velvet already seems so classy and luxurious to me, which seemed fitting for an occasion such as this one.

Vente rings, from Hong Kong watch and clutch bag

Dinner was PERRRRFECT. We ate at Bistecca, which is this magical restaurant in the Rockwell area that serves incredible steak and INCREDIBLE TRUFFLE FRIES AND MAC AND CHEESE NOMSSSS. I'm salivating just recalling the dishes. The perfect dinner ended perfectly with magical panna cotta from Cantinetta. I AM DONE.

Belated Happy Silver Anniversary again, parents! Please stay together forever mwehehe.


  1. They like you too! I've wanted stockings like these for years!!! And I'm still on the hunt for black and white striped bottoms hurrdurr