Saturday, December 29, 2012


Thrifted (in Hong Kong) dress, Pier Lim capetopthingy, H&M bag, Payless shoes, from Hong Kong hat

This outfit could've been easily called 50 Shades of Grey, but I never really bothered with that series. So anyway, my outfit matched the weather today. Clouds hovered from above for most of the day, with a light shower later on. My outfit today mirrored that of the sky's.

From Hong Kong choker

Regina's zipper ring, H&M silver ring (from a set), from Hong Kong cross ring

And then this happened. Remember my big spiky ring from Oxygen? WELL IT FELL APART. I don't know what to feel about this.

Ah, bless this top. I found it quite a while back in high school. As mentioned above, it's by Pier Lim, although when I picked this up back then I had no idea who he was. His brand had a stall at one of Eastwood's tiangge/bazaar things, and I completely fell in love with all his stuff. They were kinda pricey though, and my budget (actually my dad's, because he was the one who got me this hohoho) was only enough for this. I don't know where Pier Lim is now or what he's doing (I heard on the intarwebz that he may or may not be in Taiwan... or some other country in this continent), but one of his pieces shall live on forever in the form of this outfit and blog post.

These socks were originally bought for Christmas, but the thing about buying stuff for thematic pieces is that you tend to forget ever buying said pieces come occasion. That oftentimes happens to me, at least. Is it the same for you?

Is it weird that I feel really ~*~swanky~*~ with this bag? HAHAHA I think it's because I don't have that many bags in this kind of style, especially with my clutch bag obsession. The studs are such a great addition to the classic silhouette and material though so there's still a nice touch of youth in an otherwise 'typically-swanky' bag. (Typically-swanky? Wtf Ina.)

While I'm heavily associated with color (no really, several friends associate me with anything colorful, though not just necessarily in terms of outfits), there are days when I like to dress really darkly. Or be devoid of color, like with this outfit (save the socks). I like to think that I'm a Lisa-Frank-in-Halloween-Town kind of girl every now and then.


  1. Hi Ina! This is so flippin' adorable!
    You look like you just jumped out of a storybook. :>