Tuesday, December 4, 2012

North's Assistant

Thrifted top and pants, Celine shoes, from Hong Kong hat, Gingersnaps bag

After months of waiting (and more months of drooling, ogling, and "MY BODY IS READY"), I finally got to watch Rise of the Guardians with my favorite people. The first and only time I saw the RotG trailer was when I watched The Bourne Legacy with my dad, but prior to that I had already seen images of Jack Frost and other screenies circulating Tumblr. Back then I was like, "WTF IS THIS WHO IS THIS ATTRACTIVE GUY WHEN IS THIS COMING OUT WHERE IS THIS FROM I NEED TO SEE THIS" until finally I learned it was RotG.

Gifted necklace

Much of the movie was spent just mentally undressing Jack Frost (just kidding... or am I?), but admittedly there were several parts of the film that made me tear up. The only reason I managed to restrain myself from turning into a wailing heap of feels was because of my makeup. And because the scenes that made me tear up didn't seem like the kind that SHOULD get the waterworks running. I may be more hormonal than I think.

I don't remember when exactly I found these pants (there is a possibility that it was a year ago), but I withheld wearing it because back then it didn't fit me good and I thought I could shed a few more pounds. But then I chucked that idea out the window and shimmied into these babies last week. The red and white stripes immediately made me think of a circus, and that might've been the only reason I wanted them. Because they looked like a circus tent. I didn't even notice the floral fishes until this post. Bonus.

Vente rings, random/unknown bracelet

While my pants are a very old thrift find, this top is a very recent one. I was really drawn to its white floral sleeves. From afar they make me look like a chicken-sheep hybrid, and I think that is very rad. They don't make me feel very fluffy though.

Also decided on some blue eye makeup and light blue brows as a homage to Jack Frost, although my outfit looks like I should be North's/Santa's assistant, what with the red accents on my outfit. (Come to think of it, my pants could be perceived as candy cane legs.) I never (and I mean NEVER) really bother with movie reviews (a testament to that: I still really wanna watch that new Silent Hill movie no matter what everyone says), and RotG is no exception. I LOVED it! I heard it got a lukewarm review (I dunno please enlighten me) but I really enjoyed it. It's one of my favorites now. Have you guys seen Rise of the Guardians yet? How'd you find it? If you haven't THEN HEAD TO YOUR NEAREST CINEMA AND GO GO GO! The characters are just so endearing and pull at my hearstrings.

Russian!Santa is perfect, by the way.

My friend said I looked like Baby Tooth (or something along the lines of "LOL INA IKAW YUN/KAMUKHA MO"), one of the baby tooth fairies from the film. That made me really happy.

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