Thursday, December 13, 2012

Neon Head

Kindov a late post because my life has been all over the place lately, but anyway, this was an outfit I wore to a hair date with my mom and some errands at Eastwood after. I've got blue in my hair now!!! There is more about that here but in any case, I REALLY LOVE IT! I mentioned somewhere that I've begun to find my hair boring now (effects of having lived with layered hair for years and years) because it just seems really plain to me when unstyled, although it has been growing at a pretty decent rate as opposed to the usual snail's pace I've had to deal with before.

Regina's spike bracelets, H&M ring, Cotton On colored bracelets, from Hong Kong metal cuff

You see that really dirty-looking nail on my index finger? It got stained with the blue dye! Talk about intense.

From Hong Kong clutch bag

I really wish I owned a bunch of metallic clothes just so I could look like a walking roll of foil. Really.

H&M beanie, Thrifted top, skirt and shoes

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