Thursday, December 20, 2012


An old outfit from some time last month when I had a really bad thesis-induced breakdown, hence the title. The night before this outfit happened was really horrible; I was falling apart at the seams and I was just all over the place. I met up with Terry the next day to just blow off some steam while still working on #THESISIT. Thesis brings out the worst in me.

Ocean Park purse

Gingersnaps necklace

LeSportsac (gifted) bag

Thrifted top, pants and shoes, H&M beanie

I think you can never have enough polka dots. (I was tempted to wear my polka dot cap with this outfit, but I really wanted to take my neon beanie out for a spin.) A lot of times when I'm at thrift stores I find myself reaching towards polka dots, and then I have to stop myself because of the alarm that rings in my head reminding me that I have similar clothes in my closet.

Regina's/Greenhills tiangge accessories

When I was in Hong Kong, I inevitably ended up in H&M (does this make me legit now? lolololno) and this beanie was one of the first things I considered buying. I held back though, as it was still very early in my trip and I figured I might find something similar at a cheaper price. In the end I didn't, and this beanie was one of the last purchases I made in that trip. I have no regrets. (Then again, I have no regrets whenever it's something involved with neons.)

This is what happens when a file corrupts: insta-edit. And on the note of insta-anything, I have an Instagram now. I know right? I can't believe it either.

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