Saturday, December 29, 2012

Green Velveteen

from Japan moto vest, Greenhills Tiangge top, random Bangkok night market skirt, New Look shoes

I went all out throwing together textures today. Haha! My favorites: pleather, lace and velveteen. Suede, if you count my chelsea booties (which, by the way, I do not regret investing in at all. They look good with almost everything in my closet and are a quick way to make an outfit a little less casual without looking too dressy. It's the classic cut and the short heel that do the trick in tandem, I believe.) For the rec, shoes are one thing I do not mind splurging on. Sturdy material, comfortable fit and a nice arch (for heels) are very important to me!

Did I mention how much I love dark tones? Ox blood, midnight blue and the lovely shade of forest green on my skirt... From a random Bangkok night market, as mentioned above! I avoid high street stores when shopping in countries like Bangkok, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea, simply because their bazaars, night markets and shopping districts with varied vendors have so many gorgeous pieces that don't hit hard on the wallet.

This top, too, is from Greenhills Tiangge, one of my go-to places to shop (aside from the Market! Market! Tiangge) when I don't have the time and patience to thrift and clean the thrifted clothes. I bought this one because it's a dead ringer for the Louis Vuitton S/S 2012 pieces, which I loved.

By the by! If you haven't noticed, my hair seems different.. I impulsively decided to cut myself a fringe just last night. I have Youtube to thank for teaching me how (don't we all have Youtube to thank for educating us in many ways?)

'Til the next post, loves. New Year is approaching. YIKES. How are you guys celebrating and what're you all going to be wearing? Make it count, folks! After all, we just survived the Mayan End Of The World so I guess there's more reason to celebrate since we've lived through the bajillionth End Of The World prediction. Ha ha ha? I dunno. Go humans! Go planet Earth!


  1. amazing hat and vest!! great boots and blouse!! beautiful color on your stunning velvet skirt!!

    1. Thank you as always, Stella! You always have kind words to spare. -Maronne