Saturday, December 22, 2012


from Hong Kong hat, thrifted top & skirt, Trunk Show necklace/headband, from Amsterdam shoes

Don't mind the funny-looking makeup, I wore this to a cosplay convention called the Animax Carnival. They conducted a host search contest, in which I was a finalist. I had to get into my costume within the premises as we were given an early call time and it would be impractical to be in costume so early! Hence I put on my cosplay makeup (which I feel looks a little funny out of cosplay seeing how I look kind of different in these photos, haha!) whilst keeping the rest of me... "normal," for lack of better word.  

Anyway, this is a backlog.. Hahaha! Darn, I've been way too busy lately.

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  1. amazing hat and skirt!! i adore your shoes and plaid shirt!! perfect look!!