Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Glass of Wine

Cotton On (gifted) dress, from Hong Kong stockings and clutch bag, UGG clogs

A day following Christmas, I met up with some family friends for the annual Godfather Dinner. I call it that because every year, my dad and godfathers meet up, bringing along their wives and kids, to get together over dinner. I've been brought along (or I only remember being brought along) for the past four or five years or so and I've always made it a point to come with because it's the one time of the year that I get to see all my godsibs!

From Hong Kong necklace

There were so little of us this year though! During these dinners, the adults are at their own table while we kids have our own. This year our troupe was short seven kids due to several affairs (some being out of the country and all that jazz). We were kind of saddened at how much smaller our circle was this year as compared to the last; in fact last night we only had one boy in our group (normally there should be about four or five), and he was the youngest at that.

One of the girls last night was surprised that my shoes were from UGG. I can't blame her since the brand is heavily associated with its infamous boots, but here you go world, UGG's got some pretty sassy stuff as well.

From Hong Kong watch, Gifted bracelet

I'm always happy and excited whenever I get to see my godsiblings, and it's a little funny how our goodbyes are always, "See you next year!" I still remember the first time I came to these annual dinners: I was so shy and so awkward around everyone... although back then I really was extremely shy and helluva lot awkward to begin with. Now after a few years we're all very chummy with one another and I always look forward to seeing them again. It's crazy how fast time has gone by since that first dinner. It all felt a little unreal to us how much we've all grown up (the youngest in our group is now ten years old and is catching up to me by height; I am a shortie) and how much older we're becoming. I mean, that first dinner, from what I remember, was when I was a high school senior. Now I'm a college senior. Wow.

I hope we'll be a lot more complete next time. Can't wait for next year's Godfather Dinner!