Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The UA&P Challenge

Thrifted top, Vintage skirt, from Hong Kong shoes

I REALLY HATE STARTING BLOG POSTS (I never know what to say, especially when it's for this blog where the content is mostly on the outfit itself and never the event that it was worn to since I segregate those kind of details on my personal blog instead -- and having said that the content of most of my posts here are on my clothes, most of the time I'm just WTF AM I SUPPOSED TO SAY ABOUT THESE GARMENTS OTHER THAN THE FACT THAT I THINK THEY LOOK AMAZING AND I LOVE THEM AND ALL THAT?!?!?!?) SO I'LL JUST GET RIGHT TO IT: last weekend I went to UA&P to attend this beauty/makeup workshop partnered with Shu Uemura. UA&P's pretty notorious for its dress code, and technically it's a relatively easy dress code I can comply to (hi I very rarely wear sleeveless in public and I worship very long skirts/dresses), but this was also the same day as Jam's birthday dinner, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to make an outfit change or not. I DID have another outfit in mind for this UA&P visit, but it was much too formal-looking so I scrapped it and went with this instead.

Pretty much the exact same set of accessories that I wore in my previous post, with the addition of that multi-colored beaded bracelet on my right wrist that I borrowed from my mom.

From Hong Kong earrings

From Hong Kong headband

From Hong Kong clutch bag

Oh man let me talk more about this bag. It was another one of those 'GASP-OMG-I-KINDA-NEED-IT' purchases. You see I may have this tiiiiiny obsession with clear/see-through things. When the Jeremy Scott x Adidas winged sneaks came out, I thought they were cool, BUT WHEN THE SEE-THROUGH VERSION WAS RELEASED I KIND OF DIED AND CRIED AND CRIED AND CRIED BECAUSE IT WILL ALWAYS BE UNATTAINABLE (read: unaffordable) SO I SLIT MY WRISTS RIGHT THEN AND THERE. Okay, maybe not that last part, but I am really obsessed with those clear shoes. Imagine all the possibilities with different colored and patterned socks!!! (Let's just put it on the table right here and right now that I have a sock obsession thing.) I've a friend who has them and GOD to this day I am still green with envy, especially since she was a bit reluctant with the idea of those J. Scott x Adidas clear shoes. (I remember telling -- no, more like forcing -- her to get them, and shrieking NO YOU NEED THEM IN YOUR LIFE THEY ARE MAGICAL AND OHMYGOD SOCKS TIGHTS ASJKFHAKS and then she got them and she loves them and I'm still the envious one.)

And then when the SM Parisian show from last summer showed, with those clear garments and whatnot, I died again. Simply put, I seem to worship a lot of see-through clothing, and this bag was definitely no exception. I love how it can be so minimalist (that's a big deal because I'm probably the opposite of minimalism since my outfits are so loud and/or all over the place even when devoid of colors and the like) and how it can go with pretty much any outfit. AND IT'S A CLUTCH BAG! Before my HK trip happened I wanted envelope clutches left and right, so I was really glad I was able to snag some.

And they have spike details on them. C'mon, you can't go wrong with spikes.

LOL I DIDN'T MEAN FOR MY MIDSECTION TO BE SEEN OR ANYTHING but wtvr I just wanted to show the asymmetry of this top. Also, it's got a lot of different animals printed on them. (I should've taken a closer picture, rats.)

These photos were taken at the infamous hallway where Terry often has her outfit shots taken! Speaking of, I forgot to mention that my attending this workshop was all Terry's doing. (See her outfit here.) I wasn't sure why we didn't take our outfit pictures outdoors, but oh well.

As for the workshop, it was pretty interesting! I mean first there was a talk about the standards of beauty, and then the theology of the body -- pretty cool, especially since those two talks were given by a UA&P graduate and professor, respectively. After that there was a makeup demo for daytime and nighttime looks, although I wasn't able to stick around for the latter since I had a baby shower to catch.

Thanks again Terry for letting me come with! ... and for giving me a campus tour HAHAHA

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