Sunday, November 25, 2012


Did any of you ever get to play Bust a Groove on the PS1? Because if you owned a PS1 and never got to play that game (or its sequel), then... your childhood will never be complete.

Loljk, but srsly. BaG is one of my favorite games from my PS1 childhood (others being Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, Tail Concerto, Dance Dance Revolution, etc.); I still remember how I managed to get ahold of it.

When I was a grade schooler I had a cousin who was a teacher at my school. One day she pulled me aside and said, "Come see me later. I have something for you!" Naturally, my greedy, naive, young self was excited because OMG FREE STUFF so after classes I went to meet her and she gave me this cd. It was a copy of Bust a Groove, and she said, "I have a feeling you'll like Shorty."

In fact I did. Shorty turned out to be my favorite character from the franchise, and I especially liked her song in the sequel. I could relate to Shorty such that I'm an actual shorty because I'M PRETTY SHORT LOL. Shorty's such a kid, and that's something I could relate to as well. For all I know people might see this as immaturity, but I've always been fond of little playthings for children. I'm one of the biggest nostalgics you will ever meet; I reminisce about the 'good old days' and I put so much emotional attachment to several things. Until now I find myself reaching for kids' toys... sometimes... /super kid at heart

Ahem. Anyway, a few days back I spontaneously told Terry that I wanted to do a Bust a Groove challenge: I wanted to make an outfit inspired by a character from the franchise. Initially I wanted to pull a Heat (because I thought it would be interesting to interpret his character design into an outfit and omg I have had the biggest crush on him since I was a kid), but then the weekend where I was originally supposed to wear my BaG outfit called for something more casual. So I opted for a BaG2!Shorty instead. Kind of lame, only because Shorty was an easy fallback for me:

(Another fallback was sailorman!Hiro.) And then those weekend plans were suddenly cancelled so I decided to dress up my original idea of what was supposed to be a 'casual-easy-to-move-in' kind of outfit.

Naturally I went for pigtails, but decided to braid them as a homage to Shorty's alternate costume. No not really, seeing as I'm not even sure her alternate costume in the sequel has braids, but I liked my hair better in braid pigtails anyway.

I guess you could say these are fake drop-crotch pants, as seen in these details from the back. Originally I was going to wear a different pair of jeans, but since the initial weekend plans fell through I went for these instead as I liked how they looked with the entire outfit. These pants... I don't even know. They have the strangest fit to them. Maybe they'd fit better if my legs were smaller, I don't know. They're low-rise (I never wear low-rise jeans) and that alone felt weird. And they constricted my movement.

Another image of Shorty's character design. There are differences from her in-game images and her CGI renders. I kind of ended up mixing both. 

United Colors of Benetton (really old!) top, Thrifted jeans and cow bag, Rebel Nation shoes, Gifted scarf

This outfit turned out to be less subtle than my other 'inspired by' outfits, but I think that's only because Shorty's costume is an actual outfit already. Since I didn't have any long-sleeved tops similar enough to Shorty's, I made do by adding a scarf to echo the blue details Shorty has on hers. And the cow bag, well... I wanted some sort of semblance to a creature with me, so I just went with it.

Bought from a con purse

Shorty seems to be rather fond of sweets (all of her attacks involve some confectionary of a sort), so I paid homage to that as well with this really old buy. Doesn't it look deliciooouuus?

DIY necklaces

A bunch of old toy necklaces (hello, my beloved Tamagotchi) inspired by Shorty being a kid -- don't all kids love toys?

On that note, I never had a Tamagotchi as a kid, so I made it a point to get one some time in high school. I have had no regrets since then.

Vintage earrings

Pink Box hair clips

While I didn't have a mouse on my head like Shorty does, I tried to mimic that through Mickey Mouse clips instead.

Milk pouch, Landmark Department Store suspenders

The pouch was a freebie I got from a Japanese magazine. The suspenders are really old; I once had a phase where I was obsessed with suspenders, and these came from that obsession. I don't have red suspenders like Shorty's, but at least this one has some red in them. Close enough!

By the time I was done shooting, my shoes had finally given up on me after a good 4+ years or so. R.I.P. shoes, it was a good relationship.

Meet my cow bag. His name is Carnivale (because... carnivore hahahaha no) and I found him at a thrift store in Recto. I adopted him a few years back because he seemed like the perfect kind of bag for my Lambo (from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!) cosplay (WHY YES DEAR FRIENDS I DO COSPLAY well maybe just once, but only because I rarely find characters that I think I can pull off. I have so many dream cosplays, huhu.), seeing as Lambo is pretty much a baby cow. Don't let Carnivale's size fool you; he can carry quite a hefty amount inside his teeny tiny body.

I feel like this is the kind of outfit my younger self would completely approve of and would totally wear. It's incidental that Maronne and I were talking about the evolution of our personal styles over the years just last night when I was already planning to wear this outfit today. Maronne's style has changed rather drastically (not that it's a bad thing; change is good!) while mine has been steadily consistent, but more 'evolved', so to say. I can't even use the words 'matured' or even 'polished', because my personal style is far from that. It makes me happy that I haven't lost the same kind of individuality I was expressing when I was younger; on the other hand it might seem like my personal style hasn't observed any growth in the past few years, but it actually has! It's generally within the same mold, but at the same time it has developed. While I've worn outfits that my younger self wouldn't even spare a glance (effects of ~*~growing up~*~ and gradual albeit minor weight loss), I've still managed to inject the same ideals I've had since I started really dressing up and expressing myself through my outfits. I hope I never lose that same essence of what my personal style and individuality is.

Turquoise/blue-green brows for my scarf and just because. Why not, right?

Man, I love creating outfits based off of things close to my heart. I should do this more often.


  1. Lovely pants!!! (And as you know uhm I had - still have a gigantic crush on Heat also :"-( He had the easiest moves to do rin so I used him a lot HAHAHAHA) Tapos Miko's favorite was Gas-O but I'd beat him all the time muehehehehe

    1. I remembered you when I found these pants! Also, ang hot ni Heat. As in... figuratively and literally HAHA Idk why ha but I my high scores in BaG2 are always with Shorty, even when I'm not even trying LOL

      cool si Gas-O and I remember getting mindfuqd when I found out Bio was Gas-O's dad haaaahaha