Sunday, November 11, 2012


The moment I picked up this skirt in the racks of a thrift shop, I thought, "PRINSESA!" Doesn't it look like such a princess skirt? The kind that little girls would wear for their princess costumes, even. I love the little roses that are attached to the skirt; it totally adds a girlier feel to an already girly garment.

Vintage top, Thrifted skirt and shoes, Crossings Department Store bag, HK Disneyland cap

This cap makes me happy. It was one of my first purchases in Disneyland! In Kingdom Hearts, Minnie is a queen, so I thought I'd match that regality with my princess skirt as an ode to Queen Minnie! As if my KH fandom wasn't prominent enough on this blog...

From Hong Kong eyeball ring

That pink ring is some plastic toy I found among my stuff. I thought I would play along with the whole 'little-girl-wanting-to-be-a-princess' concept with a toy ring. It seemed so... fitting.

I didn't realize that my top had roses on it as well until I posted this picture. Omg it goes so well with my skirt! I loooove how dainty these details are. So pretty and delicate. ONLY WITH VINTAGE, Y'ALL.

From Hong Kong earrings and choker

Have a great week ahead everyone! Go forth and channel your inner princess/prince because you are all magical and fabulous.

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  1. *applauds* I love it all!

    Found you through Tutus and Tiny Hats