Sunday, November 18, 2012


Thrifted top, Eastwood tiangge skirt, from Hong Kong cap, shoes, stockings and clutch bag

Last night my favorite people and I met up to celebrate the birth of our one and only Jam Alas. We had a magical dinner at Borough and then went to see a gig in Katipunan. Meeting up with these kids is always an event I look forward to, especially since we don't see each other very often anymore. (Or maybe just not as often as I'd like.) Sometimes I save some outfits or garments just for these little get togethers because I really enjoy dressing up when I'm with my favorite people, especially since they're just as crazy as I am and they're all made of magic and sparkles and fluff. Do you do that as well?

And here's the birthday girl! DOESN'T SHE LOOK SO RAAAD? Jam is a gorgeous creature with an equally gorgeous voice. I really, really enjoy the tone of her voice; it's one of my favorites. That isn't even with bias -- I actually really genuinely enjoy the type of voice she has. Also, she has legitimate mermaid hair.

Check out the two-tone lips Jam's wearing! I remember doing something similar (more like wearing an orange lip then putting pink in the middle), but nothing like this with two separate colors on the upper and lower lip. I love it. Totes gonna try this out next time!

From Hong Kong earrings

This top is a very recent (and by very recent, I mean just this week) thrift find. When I saw this from the window, I gasped, then rushed inside. The criss-cross cut outs are so interesting, don't you think? I really could not stop looking at those details. I mean I already have a myriad of white blouses to begin with, but I could NOT pass this up. I could scrimp on basics if it meant wearing interesting finds like this one for the rest of forever. I kind of live for these kinds of pieces.

I don't know if you can tell but the neckline details have little pearls on them. I kind of died a little on the inside when I picked this up and saw those little beads. I think pearls on clothes just add this regal sort of touch. It sort of gives a sophisticated feel to me.

Borrowed from mom bracelets (left wrist), Sweet-Shackle black bracelet (right wrist), Rebel Gear octopus ring, from Hong Kong eyeball and cross ring, Regina spike and "SEX" ring, from a bazaar black studded ring

And don't get me started on this cap. When I first saw it I gave another little gasp, and then when I had it in my hands I could NOT stop looking at it. Literally! It was just sitting in my room and I would stare at the wonderful spikes and gold plating. I think things that make you gasp are the ones that are worth the purchase without second thoughts.

... well, so long as it's affordable. Ahahahahaha /cheapskateer

Obligatory bathroom mirror shot with the birthday cupcake. Belated Happy Birthday again, Jam! I love you so much and I don't know where I'd be in my life (the birthday wall post on your FB that I made is a testament to that) if I didn't have you. You are so beautiful inside and out. Thank you so much for everything. You may very well be the only person who can easily frustrate me and make me happy in a span of... a minute. I love you.


  1. gorgeous hat and top!! the tights and wedges are also amazing!! also love the colors in the second outfit!!