Saturday, November 10, 2012

Aflongaflongkong Outfit Dump

As some of you may or may not know, I recently went on an overseas trip to Hong Kong during my semestral break. It was my first trip out of the country, which is SUCH a big deal really but I'll save all my feels for an entire post dedicated to that trip on my main blog. Anyway, as the title suggests, this post contains the bulk of my outfits during the trip. They're all mirror shots though for the sake of convenience... and also because it's really hard documenting outfits without a tripod and space/someone who understands photo composition well enough. Shrug.

Err, 'Aflongaflongkong' is what I have been fondly referring to Hong Kong as, thanks to a certain inside joke with Tin from high school.

Oxygen cardigan, Human/DIY top, Thrifted (in Hong Kong) pants, borrowed from mom scarf and sandals

An outfit I wore when we checked out the Ladies' Market. I was feeling really lazy and a bit tired when I threw this on because we had a long day before this one.

I very rarely, in fact I almost never, wear sandals or flip flops out. I have always preferred closed shoes over open-toe ones, which is why I've often worn socks with my open-toe wedges. This is also why I never paint my toenails either, because what's the point if they'll never be seen outside of the house anyway. But I was really tired an lazy that day so I was all SCREW IT.

Thrifted top, H&M cardigan, Zara pants, Ugg shoes, Artwork beanie

Thrifted (in Hong Kong) dress, HK Disneyland bow/hair tie, from Hong Kong accessories and clutch bag, Sperry Top-Sider shoes

Oxygen top, Thrifted shorts, from Hong Kong hat, accessories and clutch bag, from Japan (gifted) socks, Ugg shoes

Thrifted (in Hong Kong) top, H&M sweater, Thrifted skirt, from Hong Kong stockings and hat, LeSportsac (gifted) bag, Topicks shoes

One of my favorite outfits!!! Also the first outfit with my beloved spiked cap which I COULD NOT STOP LOOKING AT I MEAN. This is also one of those outfits that I prolly wouldn't be able to get away with here in the Philippines... and by that I mean the Philippine climate, because this isn't even one of those detachable collar outfits. This is the real deal with an actual blouse underneath a sweater lololol.

Allow me to further proclaim my love for this hat. LOOK AT IT. It makes me really happy.

From Hong Kong top and hoodie, Thrifted skirt, Greenhills tiangge socks, Bloggers United shoes

Another favorite outfit. This is what I wore to my first ever trip to Disneyland! Man was that a magical experience. I ended up ditching the hoodie once we got there though, because it got a bit warm. I really like the batwing sleeves it has though!

Pretty details of the collar on my top.

This was the same socks-and-shoes combo I wore on the plane to HK. Some of the attendants at the airport found it rad and even thought the pumpkins were part of my shoes!

The best thing about this hoodie is the hood itself: BEAR EARS!!!

Liz Claiborne (gifted/secondhand) blazer, borrowed from mom top (Lowrys Farm) and pants, Ugg shoes

Borrowed from mom blouse, Thrifted dress, Ugg clogs, H&M hat, from Hong Kong clutch bag, HK Disneyland bowtie

My Halloween outfit. I mentioned in this post how I wanted to be several things for Halloween, but it's not like I could pack so much for the trip! So I settled with this instead: an outfit that I'd wear, Halloween or not, but still somewhat costume-y to be sort of accepted as a Halloween look.

I became a self-proclaimed Jack Skellington Russian disciple for Halloween 2012.

Oxygen top, Thrifted dress, SM Department Store lace stockings, Ugg shoes

Coincidentally, Maronne was also booked for HK, so we made it a point to set aside one day together. The experience was so magical; I had never been out of the country until HK, but to experience it with one of my favorite people as well was an added bonus. I'm really glad we got to explore HK together, and not to mention shop as well! Since Maronne was no stranger to the streets of HK, she took me places (Granville Road, being one) and we even got ourselves lost somewhere in Causeway Bay. Now THAT was fun. I really enjoyed myself and man how I wish I could travel overseas with friends!

H&M bracelet, from Hong Kong ring

This being the one day I was in the company of someone who knew how to take proper outfit photos, I seized the opportunity and asked Maronne to snap my outfit.

Thrifted top, Thrifted (in Hong Kong) dress, Forever 21 leggings, Ugg shoes

Overall it was such a magical trip and I miss Hong Kong already. The cool weather that I got to experience especially! I hope I get to go back someday, and maybe share the experience with some other favorite people. I am forever grateful for this blessing since, as I've said before, I had never been out of the country until this trip. That being said, Hong Kong will always have a special place in my heart for having taken my overseas-travel-virginity.

Oh, and I don't think I've ever placed so much of my face in one post. I apologize; it sickens me too.

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