Sunday, October 7, 2012


I've recently stumbled upon crunkstep -- which to me, sounds like dubstep with elements of hiphop. By 'stumbled upon crunkstep', I mean stumbled upon Crizzly, who might've been the one to christen this odd hybrid genre. No h8 plx, I rly enjoy dubstep! But I can understand how some people can hate it; it's just not for everyone. Sort of like how... K-pop or J-pop isn't for everyone either.

I made this outfit while listening to a bunch of Crizzly songs, but the moment I stepped into these camo-printed pants the outfit turned out to be very army-inspired. Welp, can't be helped.

Oakley cap

My dad is the biggest Oakley geek I know (on one hand, I don't know that many Oakley fans...), so I've known the brand since I was little. This is actually one of his caps that I borrowed; he has several that are from Oakley.

Regina's spike ring, People Are People crown ring, H&M brown and white ring, Regina's spike bracelets, Gifted studs ring

Thrifted top/dress and shoes, Terranova pants

NAVA earrings

One more week to go and it'll finally be sem break for some of us! FINALS WEEK OHNOOOEEEZ one more push c'mon we can do it errbady! FAITO!!!

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