Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Weather

Thrifted lace + striped top and lace tank top, Forever 21 skirt, Janilyn shoes, Regina's hat

Supposedly the weather around this time of the year should be 'Halloween Weather' -- I usually look at that as 'chillier weather', except that's borderline nonexistent in this tropical country. I like the term though and how it denotes that Halloween is just around the corner! What're you going as? For Halloween this year I actually wanted to go as a rainbow, or unicorn, or jellyfish. Or even paopu fruit.

Forever 21 silver bunny ring, Regina's white bunny ring, Gifted chain ring, H&M stacked rings, Gachapon mare ring

Vintage purse

Tutto Moda belt

Gifted silver bracelets, Market! Market! tiangge turquoise bangle

Vintage necklace

None of those costume ideas are going to happen this year because of reasons, but mark my words, I WILL be a rainbow/unicorn/jellyfish/paopu fruit one of these days. IT'S GONNA BE LEGEN--

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