Sunday, September 23, 2012

With Love From Mars

Vintage tee, Linea Italia skirt, Market! Market! tiangge shoes, Thrifted bag, Eastwood tiangge cap

Traveled to several places today. First I went to my godparents' house for a breakfast date, then Papa and I checked out Robinsons Magnolia for the first time, then we had a family dinner at Shang for my cousin's birthday. Overall it was a fun day! I especially liked visiting my godparents because I hadn't been to their house in a long time, but I remember going there from time to time as a kid. I have a memory of eating spaghetti for merienda in the middle of watching an Addams Family film with my godsiblings and cousins. Oh, and swimming parties. And... watching A Walk to Remember with my sister in my godbrother's room HAHAHA

Rebel Gear studded/chain ring, Gifted studs ring, Folded & Hung bullet bracelet

This might've been the first (if not second) time I've worn this cap, and I've had it since I was in high school. IT GOT LOST OKAY. And I guess after wearing so many hats during that time, I grew out of the phase for a while...? Whatever, polka dots caps are cool beans.

Marvin the Martian says hi, by the way.

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