Wednesday, September 19, 2012

She Looks Like a Riot

I've been listening to the song She's a Riot by The Jungle Giants a lot -- or rather, I've recently just discovered it. You should check it out! It makes me so happy and makes me dance... in my head at least, because I'm too embarrassed to actually bust out in fear of being seen by someone in the house. I've already been caught singing my heart out several times to some of my favorite songs (mostly Japanese ones), and boooy it wasn't pretty.

Human/DIY top, SM Department Store skirt, Rebel Nation shoes, Thrifted robe and bag

Whatever. For my lack of stage presence (or my non-existent stage presence, if anything), I make up for in my outfits. Or at least, I'd like to think I do. I find fashion to be one of the easiest forms of self-expression -- and one of the most fun methods at that! It's like outfits can give a first impression towards people whom you'd never even speak to; people you just pass by, but they're left a lasting impression of what kind of person you might be like thanks to your outfit.

In the case of this outfit, I may as well have told the world that I'm a hobo. Technically, I am one, at least in my circle of friends. There's been this running joke that I'm a hobo (basically, they call me The Hobo), all because of that one summer I spent sleeping in the houses of my friends.

... that made me sound like I sleep around a lot HAHAHAHA I JUST LIKE HAVING SLEEPOVERS OKAY. I was deprived of them when I was a kid, mostly because growing up I didn't really have any friends to have sleepovers with. Loner boner.

Artwork beanie

I love how comfy this beanie is! I feel like I've got some sort of night cap on when I'm wearing it. And it's reversible too, ain't that dope.

Gifted necklace

This used to have a big heart pendant attached to it, but my mom took it off (funny, she was the one who gave me this necklace in the first place) to place it in another necklace.

I've had this tee for years now, and last weekend I very spontaneously hacked off the sleeves, chopped off the hem and cut up the neckline. I have no regrets.

Regina's mood ring, Vintage silver ring, The Bead Shop cross mood ring, Eastwood tiangge silver bracelet, H&M white and black ring, Rebel Gear octopus ring, random tiangge dice bracelet, Folded & Hung barbed wire bracelet

Hobo or whatever, this outfit totally makes it to my favorites list.

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