Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Real Life Has No Appeal

Thrifted collared top, Sparkle Couture corset, Pinkaholic skirt, Asian Vogue wedges

Real life as it is has no appeal. You get up, make sure you're not naked, make sure nobody hates you, get to work, eat, go to bed. Real life is all about survival. That's why it sucks sometimes, because it throws itself at you at varied intensities and you can't seem to change how it does that, so you've just got to survive it. After years of dodging the same old bullets of falling back, falling out, (falling on your face), failing and maybe even dying, you start feeling a little bit more like real life is mechanic, routine, bland, tedious, tiring, exhausting. You start thinking that if life were more like the fantasies you drifted off to when real life started forcing you to create such sanctuaries in your head, then things would be much happier, much better.

But the thing is, the trick is to bring the fantasy to your reality. After all, you painted that picture in your head and you of all people know how to paint it exactly as you want it on the pavement, on your words, on your gestures and on your body. It's the little bits of fantasy that we put into real life that-- totally paradoxically-- makes us feel even more real and alive. Actually, I'd like to think that living it out is creating magic in every moment, making sure you're not just turning the blank pages of the book of your life that's been handed to you by some higher force, looking for some story to magically appear until you reach the end. Nuh-uh, nobody is else is writing that wonderful life-changing spell except you. I'd like to think that thus far I've brought some great fantastical things into my reality-- dressing up, singing, acting and dancing for large audiences, working with designers and stylists every now and then, thinking of ways for brands to sell.. These are a few of the things I've gone out of the way of the typical mold of a life to be able to do and I've made some great magic with it. I've already lived out some of my daydreams.

I once said during a discussion with an old philosophy professor that the surreal, the ideal, the fantastical, the metaphysical and the dreamy are necessary forces, attainable or not. Without them we'd have no impetus to continually attempt surpass the reality that seemingly binds us to our limitations. Deem them useless and it would be like a total waste of one's mind, like chaining it down to the ground and blindfolding it and telling it that the darkness it sees is all it's ever known and ever will know. What good is a body that hosts such a mind? By all means, be a dreamer, be a weirdo, be dramatic. The human mind is the best damn thing to exist in this world-- I know nothing else on earth that can reach such heights. Unless studies show that sea slugs are secretly super genius telekinetic beings, at least. Do try to let your reality match the awesomeness your mind can conceive. Real life has no appeal but you sure can turn that table around.

Going back to more earthly topics, I wore this outfit for a brief shoot in school for an event. I had no time to prepare this so I just grabbed the different pieces, bought the ribbon at an office supplies store, and rushed to school. I couldn't check how it looked so I'm glad it turned out to my liking!

This is a photo of me with Gabi, my future husband should I fail in love when I'm around 40. (I don't know if he is still up for this offer. I will make him up for it. Haha!) He is one of my favorite dreamers. Visit his blog! I love his art.

(Photos by Tito Pavia. Thank you!)