Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rajo x Parisian & Milano Launch 2012

H&M blazer, Greenhills Tiangge top, Divisoria shorts, from Amsterdam sneaker wedges

After a loooong day in school where I was still about to face sitting in front of my computer and getting bludgeoned by loads of work, I almost decided against attending the Rajo x Parisian launch (to which I was invited by the fabulous Andrea Ang and Martin Yambao.) But then the side of my mind that clearly knew better told me that: 1.) fashion > writing papers any day, 2.) I would be stupid not to go after needing a different kind of break from "hell month" at school other than smothering my face with a pillow (and tumblr), 3.) going would be worth it because I unashamedly really love seeing high end designers collaborating with more affordable brands and because Rajo Laurel is one of the local designer/entrepreneurs I really admire, and 4.) in the spirit of theatre (and Nike): "Just do it."


I regret nothing.

Roxci de Leon was my beautiful +1 for that night, as Ina couldn't make it. :( You were missed, partner.

Of course taking a photo of these fabulous people was obligatory. They looked like they fell straight out of an anime, which of course, I adored. (I am also a Jujiin Samonte fangirl. Heehee.)

The show kicked off with Rajo's collection of Milano. Men sported crisp shirts and coats with Hakama pants, in true samurai style.

Fitting for a Rurouni Kenshin end credits video?

I was pleasantly surprised when fellow cosplayer Ashley Gosiengfiao stepped out in full geisha gear.

After Ashley Gosiengfiao's brief performance followed the Rajo x Parisian show, where models were dressed in these gorgeous kimono-inspired ensembles-- that were modern and ornate and yet so pristine and elegant. (hmm. Those contrasting ideas working so well with each other pretty much captures how I perceive Tokyo, actually.)

After the fashion show came the usual shopping event where people almost literally clamored to get their hands on this beautiful collection.

Here are close-up shots of the shoes, of course... The pair below reminds me of Ninjas.

In true oriental fashion, the Parisian collection used a lot of silk and brocade. (you can even get a glimpse of how much they'll be on sale for below. That's already the most expensive that they get, mind you.)

Apart from the heels, there's also a small collection of loafers (you can have them either glittery and fabulous or classic and suede.)

I really liked the men's collection. Desert boots, chelsea boots, oxfords and evening loafers for a fraction of the price I normally see them being sold for. Go get 'em, boys, they're quite a classy steal-- it's almost like robbing the MGM Grand and walking out the front doors with the money (Ocean's Eleven, anybody?)

Andrea was almost going to take these home until we discovered our favorite pair of the night...

 Here it is, Andrea's and my personal favorite, in all its samurai-inspired glory. These shoes are so sharp they're practically katanas.

So I only tried them on, because eventually Andrea walked away with them-- the last pair available in our size! Lucky girl.

Such a "barkada photo." Hahaha! Thanks again, Roxci, Martin and Andrea (it's a good thing you decided to go despite all the schoolwork too!) To all else, keep your eyes peeled for this collection. I must admit I wasn't so enthralled with Rajo Laurel's first collection for Parisian, but I must say that this one has got some head-turners! To myself, let's get back to doing some homework...

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  1. I like your sneakers MORE! Where did you get them?