Sunday, September 2, 2012

Keep Dry and Carry On

Look at that smile on my face. LOOK AT IT. Do you know why I'm smiling? It's because this outfit is on the September issue of Meg magazine!!! Omg you guys, we're talking to a feature virgin here, which is why this is SUCH a big deal. I'm so fabulous now. *royal hair flip* HAHAHA I kid. My face (and, more importantly, my opinion) also makes a minuscule cameo in the September issue of Chalk magazine! It's about exorbitant fashion on campus and fashion envy and the like. You might wonder why I even have an input on something like that, considering how I study in a school that enforces uniforms, but hey, I've a lot to say about it -- not to mention stuff about brand consciousness and how it really doesn't matter if you're wearing a designer piece or not. End quote: "The only brand you should be wearing is yourself." Cheesy, right? BUT HEY IT'S MY ~*~LIFE MOTTO~*~ DON'T MAKE FUN OF IT what am I saying...

Am I ~*~legit~*~ now? Could this be... THE START OF BEING A FASHION AUTHORITY?! Omg this is it, isn't it? MY BIG BREAK. HAHAHAHA omg I can't stop making fun of myself and this whole thing. Still pretty freaky that my face is on the glossies, man. Totes some blog-worthy material here!

So anyway, about the outfit. I guess this is what you'd see me wear on a rainy day -- literally, 'cause it was raining when I wore this. I was in Arrneo to visit some friends and thank goodness for the cool weather that day because this scarf rarely ever gets to see some life out of the closet!

Random accessories! Most of them are gifted. One of the rings fell apart while my photos were being taken though.

Proof of rain: look at the tiny spots on my hat!

Celine black cover up, Thrifted top and shoes, Gingersnaps skirt, Forever 21 tights, Zara scarf

In fairnezz I'm wearing several brands so... does that contradict what I said earlier? HAHA. Whatever. I also said in that Chalk article that brands should dictate your style and it's the person that makes the outfit. I also said -- although this part didn't make the cut in the issue -- that you could be wearing several designer pieces and nobody could even know (or care) that they're branded. I sure wouldn't. Gosh I'll have you know that the questions asked were so interesting AND I COULD JUST RAMBLE ON AND ON OKAY. I type as if I said so much in the article when in actuality, it was just a really statement from me. So much fun.

What's also fun is having someone take your outfit photos for once. Well okay it was pretty awkward too 'cause I can never seem to ~*~project~*~ well when there's someone behind the camera taking my shots but whatever thanks again to Elisa Aquino for the photos!

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