Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Better Than School Buses

People are People mesh panel dress, thrifted boots, Forever 21 necklace

Have you ever experienced looking out the window of your car to just to take in the  city lights speeding by as you think about how good your day was, and how this pensive view is the perfect cherry on top of the whole experience? Well, last Friday night (and it was a night that rightly deserves to be called a "Last Friday Night") I had that same opportunity of looking out a window and seeing the city unfold and change before me-- but this time, I wasn't going home from a great time. I was still in it. My friend Ejay, who always throws great parties, celebrated his 22nd… In a bus.

That being said, the party was in a bus, and being the huge klutz that I am, I decided to get real and slap my desire to wear heels in the face. The next best option? My trusty thrifted combat boots. I do enjoy myself a good dress + tough boots combo. The contrast has always been so inexhaustibly interesting to me (and  I'll just come out of it and say it expresses my personality well.)

I'm proud to admit that one of the things I wear regularly and have never failed me is not what people would normally consider an "investment" --meaning it hardly cost me anything! I mean, hello, thrifted. These combat boots are living, breathing (okay maybe not breathing) proof that durable, versatile, "quality" pieces don't necessarily have to come from high end boutiques. Actually, it is what I would consider a great product: it's got value-for-money for sure, it carries the vibe of a certain lifestyle or attitude that I connect with (meaning it appeals to me on an emotional level too) and plus it's aesthetically pleasing and comfortable (it hits the senses right!) I just love how something so good can come from an unexpected place. This is why I feel proud when people complement a piece I'm wearing and I tell them it's from somewhere like a thrift store or an affordable department store. It somehow demystifies the exclusivity of fashion without taking away from its magic.

Here's a closeup of the peekaboo mesh panels on my dress. I like how they're revealing, but only very subtly. This dress is kind of a tease, honestly. (I tend to really like dresses that are teases, or have these little cutouts here and there. It's always interesting to see how a dress is planned so that it does show some skin but doesn't look trashy.)

I don't frequently head out to party at night because although I may be with good company, it admittedly gets stressful, impersonal, and monotonous to me when done too much in the same dark and cramped spaces (unless great music saves it like it always will!) and I would rather spend some private time alone with some good friends and without the need to provoke any kind of social anxiety. (Although don't get me wrong, I'm not hating at all) This party was a lovely mix of let-loose-after-a-long-week-of-hard-work-goodvibes (hope you weren't overwhelmed with all those hyphens) and intimacy. I mean, put a few good friends in a party bus like this...

.. And then give them pizza, cookies, barbecue and drinks and the fun is bound to just let itself make its magic-- it's already got the perfect slate to work with. 

I hope you guys get the chance to give yourselves big epic breaks from your hectic schedules too-- I cannot stress enough how they really make a difference in your disposition. It gives you this sort of gratitude high that somehow makes you feel like the world is a better place, and even motivates you to get back to work after some well-deserved rest. Never underestimate the power of good company, 'cause no matter how independent we may deem ourselves to be, there's no denying how much friends can help us get through things and forget about life's many inconveniences just like they did with me that night!

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