Sunday, September 16, 2012

Best Wake Up Call Ever

"Guys. Don't get up. Sleep. :)" was what greeted me when I checked my phone the moment I woke up yesterday for school. My dad woke me up and it was raining outside, and in my head I hoped, "Maybe classes are suspended. CHECK YOUR PHONE INA" and alas, those 5 words glared back at me. Best set of words for the morning, seriously. It's not that I don't value education, BUT SATURDAY CLASSES WILL ALWAYS BE THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE. It doesn't help that I have Math in the morning and then Psychology in the afternoon. (Okay, the latter's pretty cool, but occasionally both subjects decide to have quizzes and whatnot on the same day, and that is not cool. Nope.) Class suspensions are so friggin' rare on Saturdays. They're almost... golden...

Thrifted/gifted top, Redherring clutch, Rebel Nation shoes

That wasn't why I had gold accents in my outfit though. That whole 'golden' thing just came to my as I typed, lol. Anyway, outfit deets! The top was part of a gift that my sister got me for my birthday, and it was from a thrift store. Aren't those details so preeeettyyyyy? My cousin said it was so me, although that surprised me because in my head I went, "What makes you say that?" It wasn't something cynical or anything; I just genuinely wondered what made her say this top was so me. Oh and as for the skirt... I don't remember where it's from. It says it's made in Italy, and I've had this since grade school/early high school, so I can only assume my mom and I prolly got it on sale at Linea Italia or Tutto Umo or smthn, back when I was younger and we were more ~*~extravagant~*~

On one hand it's kind of ironic, how we were more costly with our purchases back when I was younger and dressed HORRIBLY as opposed to now where I am totes enjoying how I dress yet lack the money and/or am unwillingly to dish out some cash for something unless it's thrifted (yet even now, I find myself avoiding thrift stores completely.) Not that I'm saying costly is synonymous to fashionable, because I disagree with that notion completely (exhibit A: MY CLOSET), but it's ironic in a sense that I'm so financially-conscious with my purchases now when I WANT SO MANY THINGS DROOLDROOLSOB yet my mom and I spent a lot when I was still... 'finding myself', you could say.

I've always been stingy from the very beginning, and it increased tenfold once I hit college. Maybe it's because I became a commuter because of college? (Lol how does that even make sense.) Or maybe it's because I've become more aware of my family's financial status and problems, I dunno. It's ironic, but it's not bad at all. In fact I believe it's a good thing, how I've become more conscious of where my money goes now that times are getting tougher and tougher.

Seriously man, I'm one of the stingiest people in the world. It's kinda crazy.

I digress. When I was documenting this outfit I came across several problems, one of them being the rainy weather at the time, so I was forced to photograph myself indoors. When I started shooting, I forgot to include my clutch bag. And then after a couple more shots, I forgot to wear my earrings (I removed them as soon as I got home), hence some inconsistencies in the shots. HASHTAGBLOGGERPROBLEMS

Gifted earrings

S'cuse the weird text and focus on the earrings instead! These were another birthday gift, this time from my cousin. They're clip-ons. CLIP-ONS!!! Isn't that so cool. As a kid I'd always wear these clip-on earrings of my mom's. They were chunky beads that reminded me of fruits and reminded me of those fruit ladies that dance and wear turbans.

Since classes were suspended, I got to accompany my dad to Greenhills for some phone errands, plus head to our old house where my grandma lives for a family lunch. My saturday classes go from 10AM stretching into 4-5PM, so I wouldn't of made it had classes not been suspended. Hurray!

One downside to the suspension though is that I could've said yes to a certain affair I was invited to. That kinda pissed me off, but then again I wouldn't of been able to spend some time with the family had I said yes, so I guess it was all good in the end. Suspensions also mean bad weather elsewhere, so stay safe everyone!


  1. beautiful hair and printed shirt!! love your chic maxi skirt!! you are so cute!!

    1. Thank you so much for all your comments!!! <333