Wednesday, August 29, 2012

X Marks the Spot

From Hong Kong top, Vintage overalls, Thrifted shoes

A day of weekend errands! An outfit I wore last Sunday; first stop was Shang for mass and lunch, then suddenly Rockwell to get something done for Papa's watch, then Tiendesitas to get Miso groomed. We were out the entire day last Sunday, phew. Opted for some shorts mostly because I knew we were going to Tiende and it can get awfully humid there.

Yhansy eye ring, Gifted rings, random tiangge bracelets, Folded & Hung bullet bracelet

I LOVE this baseball shirt and I LOVE how it's got an X innit. Why X? I dunno, maybe because it's a lot more universal than any other letter? OR IS MY KINGDOM HEARTS FANGIRL SHOWING AGAIN?

H&M earrings

Oh you read right. H&M. Yeah peoples, I gots some H&M merch here. Am I ~*~legit~*~ yet? HAHAHAHA

And then my magical friends Kevin and Terry came to kidnap me for some drinks at Eastwood. I rarely ever get to see Kevin so it's always magical whenever we do get to make time for some fun.

Look at Terry's pretty shorts! AND THEY'RE THRIFTED!!! So proud of you, young padawan.

It was a day of quality time with the family and a funny night (no seriously, I was howling in a very unflattering manner because of certain... stories...) to end the day with some favorite people. More days like this one, please!