Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Did you guys ever get to try this candy called Super Lemon? It was this really sour lemon candy that used to be sold in Aji Ichiban. I was introduced to it in 7th grade by a friend and it even became the name for one of my barkadas back then! I rarely ever see Super Lemon these days though, but if you chance upon it, give it a try! It's kind of like those Yackee (omg did I spell that right) candies we used to have as kids. I decided to call this post SUPER LEMON 'cause my friend Terry said "GIANT LEMON" when I described my outfit to her, and then I suddenly remembered that ol' sour candy.


From Hong Kong top and shoes, Gifted/secondhand belt, Thrifted skirt, St. Francis Square tiangge socks

So a relative of mine from Hong Kong recently came back for a visit -- and came bearing gifts, no less! I believe the top was from a secondhand store in HK. The thrift store equivalent over there, I guess? I've never been out of the country so whenever someone I know does, I always shameless ask for pasalubong. Hehehehe...

Borrowed from mom beaded bracelet

Of course I have lemons as my backdrop. You know what they say: when life gives you lemons, use them as backgrounds. WHOOPS MAYBE I GOT THAT WRONG

Bloggers United dangling earrings

Totally wore this outfit out of celebratory reasons, which I will not disclose but I bothered mentioning it on the blog anyway because it needs to be archived on the world wide web. And yellow is my favorite color, so happy vibes all around! Anyway, I went on a date with my dad today. We had a late lunch and watched The Bourne Legacy afterwards. It was so interesting seeing Manila as a setting for a non-local movie! The chase scenes made me dizzy though, reminiscent of that time I watched The Hunger Games.

Besides the fact that these are mary jane wedges, these shoes are magical because they have a subtle cutout detail. Surprise, surprise!

I also spotted my friend Jonard while I was out today. It might've been the first time I ever saw a schoolmate from college at a mall. Also spotted was a tweet from Jonard regarding his old Multiply photos and how he used the peace sign in the past. WELL MY FRIEND, HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU: sorry but the peace sign is totally my jam. =)) HERE TO STAY 5EVER

This long weekend was such a whirlwind, but it was not unwelcome. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!

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