Sunday, August 12, 2012


from Cubao X spiked cap, Pinkaholic galaxy tunic, from Tokyo socks, thrifted boots

Yes. That is a spiked cap and galaxy shirt. I love them. Why the heck not, right? 

I've been super into wearing caps lately, probably because my hair now allows me to pull it off (I didn't look so good in them when it was all short and choppy a few years ago.) That's what I love about changing your look (read: hair HAHA!) every now and then! You suddenly fit in to new things that you've always been interested in, and I personally find that experimenting with updating yourself aesthetically is so thrilling. (Weird analogy, but it's like seeing different artists come up with a portrait of you, in a way. You get excited to see each new rendition.)

Youth is way too short to not push your style to make an identity statement (or a statement identity) especially now while we're all still so passionate about soul searching and letting people know that we exist, we matter, we have a voice and a self. So if you find that spiked cap or leather jacket printed with all the sesame street characters cool and can afford to go get it, then go freaking get it and wear it and rock it because inhibition is too sorry a thing to ever get in the way of anything ever! This isn't a YOLO kind of thing. Don't wear things just for the sake of wearing them; you're not society's paper doll. It's more of a Carpe Diem kind of thing. Wear things because they help maximize your creative/expressive satiation.

I just got up and I'm not very cohesive, but I hope that made sense. Hahaha! (I still super kaduper love this cap. Although I must admit it's rather heavy and-- fine, only kiiiiiiind of hazardous.)

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  1. perfect style!! love your top and boots!!