Sunday, August 12, 2012

Land of Departure

Before anything else... IS EVERYONE ALRIGHT? ARE YOU GUYS ALL SAFE? The Philippines went through quite an ordeal this week, what with the nonstop rains and rising waters. I would delve into the significance of this event in my life, being a victim of something similar some years ago, but that's another story. It was moving to see everybody reaching out to help out victims of the... what was it called, habagat? And it was great to see people helping out through social networking! The roads weren't the only things getting flooded; Twitter was bombarded with #reliefPH and #rescuePH and other similar hashtags to help disseminate any useful information. THE POWER OF SOCIAL NETWORKING!

It's always great to see countrymen come together. Our spirit is waterproof!

So uhm, anyway. I FINALLY got to go out today. Like, for leisure and not just out of the house for The Daily Commute to school. The last post I made here was seriously the last time I got to go out. Today's outfit was another inspired outfit -- this time by a character from the Kingdom Hearts franchise. If you've played Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep then you'll recognize the title of this post.

Vintage top and purse, Thrifted vest and pants, borrowed from mom shoes

I'm pretty sure at first glance this doesn't have any semblance to anything KH-related, but can you guess who my peg was for this outfit anyway?

YEP, YOU GUESSED IT: MASTER ERAQUS! HAHAHAHA. My friend Alex and I have been spazzing about Kingdom Hearts aaaall week, mostly because she's been playing the newest game in the franchise, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. So that pretty much prompted our heavy reminiscing over our fandom. Because of that, I had been itching to make a KH-inspired outfit, so today's weekend outing was in good timing! I wanted to go for something more... inspired by, say, Sora/Riku's outfit, but I dunno I went with this Eraqus look instead. He may not be as popular as the other characters BUT HE SURE IS IMPORTANT. Like in my Treasure Planet-inspired outfit, I didn't want to take anything too literal for an outfit translation. I actually had THE perfect robe to go with this Master Eraqus look, but then it looked too literal... not to mention it made me look like I was wearing some sort of kendo uniform. Besides, I think the pants were enough of an interpretation for Master Eraqus. (That being said, this could also pass as a Terra outfit, but can you blame me if they wear similar pants? Haha! And I was totes going for Master Eraqus, promise.)

Gold shoes because I often attribute KH with sparkly things! And black socks just to go with the color scheme of Master Eraqus' shoes -- which could be Terra's as well, BUT WTVR.

Market! Market! tiangge gold bracelets, Gifted silver bracelets, from a bazaar black rings, Oxygen spikes ring, Forever 21 key ring

I am never NOT going to wear this black crown ring whenever I have a KH-inspired outfit. It ALWAYS reminds me of Sora wearing a crown. It reminds me of KH more than the actual key I have on my fingers!

To me this outfit also looks like a hybrid of this outfit and the second outfit in this post. Mostly just because of the use of the same pieces, I guess.

Eastwood tiangge ear cuff

The return of my old ear cuff! Man this is so old... like, grade school old. It was either this or my other earring full of stars, but I ended up liking this one more instead. There's always been a lot of discussion in the KH series about stars and how they represent the millions of other worlds out there. Not to mention the star-shaped fruit from Destiny Islands a.k.a. the PAOPU FRUIT! I always imagined they'd taste like mangoes.

And look! Three chains of stars! The number three is also another prominent theme in the series! Like... the SoraRikuKairi trio. Or the TerraAquaVen trio from Birth By Sleep. Or the fact that your party can never exceed more than three people. Or even the Usual Spot kids a.k.a. HaynerPenceOlette (how I wish Roxas could be a part of that group forever BECAUSE THIS FRIENDSHIP IS PERFECT). Or even the Sea-Salt family a.k.a. AxelRoxasXion!

The ear cuff has chains of stars. Chains, guys! Like Chain of Memories! Hahaha get it?

No okay I'm just rambling...

"I still can't believe it. I really flew. Wait 'till I tell Kairi. I wonder if she'll believe me. Probably not."

(What is it with me and quoting anti-gravity lines from my outfit inspiration sources? Haha!)

Kingdom Hearts has always had (and always will have) a special place in my heart. It's like, THE NUMBER ONE FANDOM IN MY LIFE Y'ALL. I have so much feels for it like I can't even. Seriously, I could go on and on about my KH fandom. It's been with me for 10 years now AND THE FLAME HAS YET TO DIE, PEOPLE!

It's called Kingdom Hearts for a reason. IT'S A KINGDOM FILLED WITH THE HEARTS OF ALL ITS FANS AND SO IT TOYS WITH ALL OUR FEELS. I've seriously cried so much tears for this franchise because of all the feels it stimulates. Right in the heart, everybody!



  1. gorgeous hair and outfit!! love your vest!!

  2. i die for the pants! where do you shop??? seriously the pants are insane... i want one!

    1. Aren't they awesome? Haha! I haven't actually been shopping for clothes lately, but I mostly get my stuff from thrift stores. :)