Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Undercovered, Under Covers

Vintage top, Forever 21 shorts, Bloggers United/Secondhand shoes (from Patricia Prieto), Thrifted jacket

Oh man, those shorts are TINY! They were almost borderline underwear even, so I covered up my legs with some tights. What I love about them though is the fact that they're lace, and ruffles, and lime green (!), AND the fact that they don't look like shorts. Because, I've got a thing for shorts that don't look like shorts...

Regina's flower ring, fish ring and Nyan Cat pin, Bloggers United ring (from Tin Iglesias)

Borrowed from mom keys necklace, random brand (in Market! Market!) hand necklace

The other day my mom and I had some one-on-one time, which translates to getting my blood taken away from me twice for some tests, having lunch at a quaint cafe, getting my mom's hair done, and shopping while stuff's still on sale. We rarely ever have time for days like that so we take advantage of the opportunity when we can, especially now. It's so refreshing and the preciousness of it all always pulls at my heartstrings.

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